But the husband whom she got in this way happened to be the" detestation" of her mother, vvho vowed that he" should have her heart and life's blood first before he should have her child:" a vow so strongly expressed was not allowed to evaporate in forgetfulness: her child could only be wrested out of the hands of the" detested" husband by impugning the soundness of her mind: it was proposed to try a lunacy commission: it is done: the eccentricities, perversities of temper, and ignorances of the unhappy girl, are raked up from her earliest childhood, and set forth with all due show of plausible evidence, and the commission succeeds. Whitehead moved the reference of this paper to the Committee on Pnblication. Therapeutic cognizance must be taken of tangible bodily ailments, and appropriate medication has its important place here as in other more material troubles.

The patient is attacked, more or less suddenly, with excruciating pain in the epigastrium and right hypochondrium; and, along with this, with nausea and vomiting. Simon Flexner, of New York, in his presidential address before the Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons, dealt with the subject of epidemiology and recent epidemics. After the lumbar puncture the headaches from which the patient had been suff'ering disappeared, the temperature remained normal, and recovery ensued. The different stages of the operation Thorough lavage of the bladder with potassium permanganate; removal of all fluid; urethra with cocaine (the patient sensibility; introduction o f Benique's, sounds followed by the introduction of a movable arm, which was greatly facilitated by depres.sing the preputial tissue, causing the relaxation of the suspensory ligament of the penis (method of Guyon); elevation and ablation of the arm, replacement by electric light, and the aspiration of urine by the water drip. It usually begins before puberty, but occasionally develops as late as at twcntv-five "tab" or even thirtv years. A case of ruptured perineum was cured by The operations for hernia, the case of lithotomy, and tlie removals of tumours have already been referred to with their In concluding this report it is interesting to notice that we had two cases (though classed in separate sections on account of other characters), which became the subjects of tetanus, and that both recovered under the use of the Calabar bean, opium being in use at the same time, indeed at the time of the occurrence of, or onset of trismus. JVotwithstanding the statements given regarding variola and vaccination are entirely true. Endocarditis and arteriosclerosis are frequent and may result from irritation of the lining membrane by the sugar in the blood. The same things might be said of that important part of our armamentarium for the treatment of numerous diseases in modern as well as ancient medicine known as massage, and so sadly neglected by most of us in the management of our tuberculous cases.

Bandages were mostly of paper.

XI of this Census, he will find some interesting tables, not only comparing the cities with the rural districts, our own states with the countries of Europe, but also the two races in those parts of our country where the colored exist in any number. However, the patient may live for years. Cases which communicate with the bronchi are also more resistant than simple empyema.

Here, soaked in Carron oil (linseed oil and lime water), or with ichthyol vaseline by a daily bath and vaseline inunctions: forte. Such bondage would be well physically for a large portion of the white race. All that remains is to develop the proper means of fixing their attention. The Health Dejiartment is using this as an opportunity of impressing on parents the food value Health Department recently opened a clinic in Street, where it is supplying drug addicts who come to it with prescriptions enabling them to obtain at cost the small close of the drug to which they have become accustomed and which is necessary to prevent them from becoming seriously ill. Several subjects omitted in the original are treated of in this edition, on which occasion free use has been made of the work of Mackenzie, to which is added the editor's own experience, derived from many years' attention to the subject.

Been attempted by the author by injecting iodoform, potassium iodide, and sodium salicylate into the subarachnoid space without l)eneficial results. In the four instances when it was made in fatal cases, the results were entirely negative.


'J his branch of the service has always a larger proportion of sickness and mortality than either the ordnance department or the cavalry. Secondly, to summarise the more important views which have been advanced, along with a brief statement of their value in current opinion. But I must remind you there are acute and rapidly fatal cases of intestinal obstruction, and there are others comparatively slow and less fatal, thus affording more favourable results to the patients and credit to the surgeon. Tained, and much more connected with the early history of vaccination in America, may be found related in Waterhouse's first pamphlet, but this is not the place to relate these events.

Since that time the pox has traveled to every latitude and longitude, and has left its mark upon some door in almost every community. In some cases, if the joint is kept quiet, it Avill remain quiet forever. Malt preparations and fruit d3 juice are serviceable for children one year old rectified surgically by osteotomy. In multiple osteomyelitis pain be present (tablet).

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