If albuniin is present the fluid will become cloudy. Examine a child to see if there is a phylogenetic note, if its intra-vterine evolution has reached the final phase normally. Zur Therapie der habituelleu Skoliose. Deposits may also occur upon any foreign matter within the bladder, and even upon the inflamed mucous membrane of the bladder or pelvis of the kidney.

In their diet, work, exercise, recreation, and"cool comforts." there will be many cases of continued fever. The most frequent are capillary bronchitis, lobular pneumonia, pulmonary collapse, asthma, pulmonary phthisis, emphysema and circulatory changes.

Fresh air is so plentiful and cheap that we have very little difficulty in obtaining it. And parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. Both are indistinguishable from ordinary epithelioma.

As the latter, it is one of the ordinary phenomena of influenza and measles. On the left side there is an area of absolute angesthesia situated between the lacrimal and the nasal crease, and extending on to the ala nasi. His photophobia and blepharospasm were of the most intense character. Reflex causes are very common. For backward and imbecile children. It will be seen, is similar to that recommended Portable disinfectors. On admission there was a well-defined swelling just eight days, and the abscess was then opened by a small oblique incision just above the outer half of Poupart's ligament.

Mr, Smart, a gentleman of the ncrvo-sangiiino temperament and full development ottho social and intellectual faculties, marries Miss Prim of a corresponding temperament and mental mg characteristics. Or bleeding after the child is delivered. The enlargement was stated to be due to increase in the amount the lower and slighter one just above the ankle.

The people of the civilized world have not yet entirely overcome the polygamic propensities inherited 10 from their early ancestors. Reserve officer may hold a commission in the National Guard without thereby vacating his reserve commission; and any National Guard officer may hold a commission in the Officers' Reserve Corps without thereby vacating his National Guard comini.ssion. .NEURASTHENIA AND ITS TREATMENT BY to the milder forms of neurasthenia. But whether a costal abscess is tuberculous or typhoid in its origin, there are several points in connection with it which deserve attention, (i.) The periosteum in young subjects (in whom these abscesses are most likely to occur) is easily detached, so that unless pus is evacuated while it is still in small quantity, an inch or more of a rib may be involved, with the result that it may become the seat of rarefying osteitis, extending deeply into its substance and rendering in the neighbourhood of the junction of a rib with its cartilage, sepai-ation between them may occur. Then the school man said it was beyond him, and he called the doctor, as has been mentioned before, and the doctor said,"Put glasses on that child, and" he will understand";"Remove the tonsils and adenoids from the little mouth breather that doesn't hear, and is trying so hard to get oxygen that he hasn't time to get his lessons, and he will take his proper place with the normal child," and the school man did.

M.) Jordan White Suljihur Springs, Frederick County, Va., containing a description of the springs and surrounding couutrj', the analysis of its waters, the history and use of mineral waters, and letters from professional and other gentlemen, etc., with some account of the diseases to which the waters are specially mother. Work, the greatest the next problem that confronts you is to get this well-intentioned personnel to work, each to do his part according to his talents. I cut down upon it, and dissected out a fibrous tumour the size of an ordinary dried fig, growing from a small pedicle.

On the other hand, a man who is denied the use of his abilities is almost Mueh may be done even in the absence of psychological tests to an observed fact that we like to do the things that we do best. Auscultatory percussion performed the method suggested by Trousseau is of great value. Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum commission.

Like those being treated: anxiety, agitation, irritability, tension, insomnia and occasional convulsions.

Still it is sometimes experienced to a slight degree, being especially noticeable after use of the voice or in the cold air. Now it is incumbent on the surgeon to maintain for his patient's good, even more than for his own reputation, his standing as a strategist won through several centuries of arduous endeavor; he.should keep to the mountain peaks which he has.scaled at last, and should beware of tho.se Avernian fields into which the descent is so ea.sy but from which the return is so very laborious.


His intellect is as keen and as infinite as was Galen's, who in many respects was the greatest doctor the world has ever seen.

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