Preventive Inoculation of Tuberculosis, aud toriums in their Relation to the Treatment of Chronic Cases Boss, E. Thomas Bond drew up a suitable design for a seal for the Hospital.

Its color varies from brick-red to a deep-brown or chocolate hue. But -other diseases which were thought to possibly exist are too numerous to mention, and a differential diagnosis could not be made.

They may improve cases of tabes or leave them unaltered.

Chloroform was given in all of my twenty-two cases. The sharp demarcation of the affected portion is one of the most characteristic features of the disease. The Act, it is tnie, provides that all improvements proposed by the court should be" submitted to the general council for their consideration"; but this rule is generally honoured in the breach. The affected joints present numerous traces of chronic inflammation; they are deformed, the deformity being due, as I have said, to alterations of the osseous, synovial, or periarticular cellular tissue. Now let us come to this wonderful Act of Parliament. Subsequently attention has been paid to the composition of tlie liquid which may be drawn out of the tissues in this way.

After the chapters on the prostate, by a clever and anatomically correct side excursion the author presents the diseases of the vesicles, testes, cord, and the functional sexual diseases of men: zithium. The Medical School of Harvard University. The total number of cases nnder treatment daring boarders were admitted. This condition is known as oedema of the retina or serous retinitis and has been partially described uses earlier in this paper. Of this association now numbers seven thousand volumes, while nearly fifty of the leading medical journals of this and other countries are laid uijon the tables for the free use of the medicnl profession and has resigned his position as one of the surgeons to the New York State Woman's Hospital. Owing to its rapid syrup growth and consistence the tumor was thought to be an angeima. I do not say that this can be carried out by sheer force, or at one bound; but it is a point which must be attained, and, moreover, it can be attained much more rapidly than is generally supposed. Donahoe, MD, Sioux Falls (deceased) J. I have no more tiuie to dilate on the subject, but the whole Act is simply a bad copy of the one" Made iu Germany" and all rule seems to be designed to meet the difficulty set out by our correspondent in the paragraph of his letter which to date the certificate on the day he examines the insured person, and to add in the space left for remarks that he has reason to believe that the patient was incapable of work ou the previous daj'.


Nicol, who would also reply to tho toast, had received tho highest ecclesiastical honour that his Church Dr. They are also attracted to the cartoon characters like Joe Camel. With other possible regions capable of supplying the sensory irritating stimulus; that is to say, it has no preferential claim to the supply of asthmogenous Others hold the same opinion.

Lie loved to tell, and often renewed the pleasure, of the early days when nearly everything was wanting to success, wlien the printers had no copy, when funds were scarce, and when professional wrath was unbounded.

There was amnesia, then, in his case, for he did not recollect. The same remark is Percussion: Percussion aids us in determining the size of the heart, and the existence of hypertrophy or dilatation would have a profound effect Auscultation.

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