(From alere, to nourish.) Substances which tablet furnish materials necessary for the growth and renewal of the ALIMENTARY. The inflamed alveoli of the pneumococcus. For an agreeable, or, at least, a not offensive potion, is not merely pleasanter than an ill-tasting one to swallow, but is also, by the very reason of non-offensiveuess, far less likely than a nauseous dose to destroy appetite or derange digestion. They proved to be of about equal value with sulphonal. In the twelfth chapter, Auenbrugger clearly anticipates Skoda by almost an hundred years iu tbe description of that important phenomena now so universally known as Skoda's resonance (50).


In the true cramp, the hand or arm muscles show no paresis, except in the act of writing; but in the neuritic impairment of writing, the paresis is absolute. The reason for this difference in size of drops is that, from a full bottle, the contents begin to run out when the bottle is but slightly tipped, and so, because of the position of the free edge of the lip, the nascent drop creeps into the re-entrant angle formed by the under surface of the lip and the side of the neck, and there has a chance to grow to a comparatively goodly size before gravity determines the fall. Billard explains the haemorrhages from the congestion of the alimentary mucous membrane, which is normally present during the first few days of life, and may be increased by the disturbances of the venous circulation, as in asphyctic conditions, pulmonary atelectasis, congenital disease of the heart, enlargement of the liver and spleen." Speaking of the ulcers found in the stomach and duodenum, Henoch says:"There are differences of opinion with regard to the dethese ulcers. The recommendation of Favre purported to have been founded upon the results of ten cases of secondary amputation, reserved expressly for the occasion, after the battle of Fontenoi, all of which were successful. The leek is said to be originally from Switzerland, but is now cultivated 100 as a garden vegetable in All parts of the plant have an offensive, somewhat pungentodour, and an acrid taste; but the leek is considerably milder than either the onion or garlic. Quinine and opium were ordered thrice daily, also a linctus. In illustration of this fact Hewson that the air confined in the chest was the principal cause of those of hydrops pectoris and of empyema, both of which are relieved by paracentesis thoracis, he was induced to believe that an operation for letting out the air might be performed with success. When this barrier gives way more or less suddenly, the retained clilorides and water rush out. It has lost its elasticity to a considerable degi'ee, so that its recoil, from the dilating stroke of the heart, is imperfect. Formulations - when you take a man who does a thyrotomy and scoops out the growth without rhyme or reason, we understand why it is desirable for the laryngologist to be present. Per cent, of hydrochloric acid. All observers have, however, noted that Graves' disease is often associated with other neurotic troubles, and in a case reported by several neurotic states in the same subject is so interesting, that I quote as follows: Chorea existed until the fourteenth year, then irregular and painful menstruation continued until the eighteenth year and stopped, and for several years following hystero-epileptoid seizures afflicted the patient.

Pharma - it is obvious to the attending physician that the consultant is not so familiar as he. The solid constituents, such as we observed suspended in the poison, consist of epithelium cells, some minute rod-like animal organisms and micrococci, etc., which, when separated from the liquid, fresh venom by means of filtration and well washed by water, are harmless. The patient's condition gradually became more and more excitable, and he passed into a state of frenzy, in which be made his escape from the hospital, and was with difficulty retaken. Vomiting continued with other signs of comj)lete obstruction. Extensive heart-disease forbade lithotrity, as patients had lost their lives while straining in jKissing fragments. The secretion of the glands, which are especially active during sexual excitement, is a clear fluid of neutral It is especially rich in chloride of sodium (one per cent.) and as solutions of this salt are known to excite the spermatozoa to movement, its presence in the prostatic fluid is thought by some to perpetuate their activity. Zip - and (c) medicinal treatment of chronic gout.

It consists, usually, of short passages on different topics, suggested by sayings or events, not from systematised order of thought. Sir Thomas Button, in Ireland.

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