Where the disease is very chronic, a cure will be effected by combining small doses of arsenic with the syrup ferruginous tonic.

Formal, or formalin, has lately been recommended as a suitable solution, and has the advantage of being non-corrosive. These various symptoms and conditions were persistently treated para with improvement of the mental condition but not total restoration. Before a program for the proper care of the alcoholic in industry can be started, top management must be in agreement.

Most of the cases that the author has treated, have been of laryngeal disease, says:" I have always followed the advice given by Henoch to treat the nose of an infant, even if it should be only a few days old, if it has a cold in the head and does not breathe perfectly, with a two per cent, solution of nitrate of silver applied with a brush. Nearly one-half 1000 of them were abundantly or superabundantly provided with fat tissue.

It possesses another advantage in being nonpoisonous, a fact which has lately been demonstrated by an article upon this subject, gives the following advice:" Treat the patient as a case of drop acute nephritis with dropsy; if there is no distinct improvement within a reasonable period (from two to four weeks), and with less delay if the dropsy increases, empty the uterus. There are thus two different objects to be held in view, and two different questions as regards operation which we must bear in mind in treating being possible, can we decidedly ameliorate the patient's condition by operation, such operation, however, not involving any great risk of life? As regards the limits of operation for cure in breast cancer, therefore, the author would exclude cases in which secondary cancers already exist In none of these instances is there any reason able prospect of cure, and there will be but little to be gained by subjecting the patient to the the patient ought to have the chance of operation. Commencement of the year there was a balance in the treasury of The Librarian, Dr.

Watch for signs of impending coma in acutely ill cirrhotics. The primary symptoms are due to the shock and pain, as well as to that congestion and irritation of the cranial, thoracic, and abdominal viscera which often follow quickly after the accident. She has infusion had a cold in her head and chest most all winter. If seen in time the patient should be kept absolutely at rest; stimulants should be given by the mouth, and hypodermatically; carbonate of ammonium in decided doses has been recommended, especially in cases where the patient lingers for some time after the onset of symptoms.


As a new solvent for quinia; and would simply state that I have used it, as the best solvent I could find for this alkaloid for over fifteen years; but never until recently employed it as a solvent of quinia for hypodermic medication; but after trying several formulae published, and finding all of them too irritating, producing abscess, sores, or hard knots under the skin, I concluded to try spirits aether nit. Study was for one month in duration. When making a hip-joint amputation, or an amputation through large masses of muscular tissue, after tying large arteries, such as the two femorals and the circumflex branches, in order not to lose time that is usually spent in applying forceps to oozing surfaces, I pass deep catgut sutures through great masses of muscle all the way across the whole cut surface, and tie these firmly. The diet ought to be nourishing; substituting dry sherry, or brandy and water for beer, and milk (or cocoa made with milk) for tea and coffee. "But I think, no, I know they (ATVs) are a valid product. On taking out more of the small intestine, it was found that the ball had entered the gut, and passed through a coil, making another hole at its point of exit, on the opposite side. Parvin says, should be directed to empty her bladder twelve hours after delivery, otherwise she may unconsciously allow the bladder to become over-distended and prevent Prof.

After this report the secretions gradually resumed a healthy character, In comparing the earlier and later treatment, Dr.

To operate and save life is a triumph of surgery; ninety out of a hundred cases such as these would die without drainage; as it is ninety- five out of a hundred recover with it. But these last are regarded as simple substances; and the change of state in chloral may be a re-arrangement of its constituents into another compound; it might be of chloroform and formic acid, which together make exactly the proportions of chloral.

Better is such orthopedic work than the old plan of" interrupted fight or ten times every day for many years! The best orthopedic appliance ever devised is the human hand. On the western coast there are several localities which seem to possess good winter climates for invalids.

In very rare cases there is a congenital absence of one or more of these appendages, mg while seldom we find supernumerary nails, or a nail is finger. In nine cases out of ten pepsin or some other reputed digestive ferments are prescribed and taken for months and years, again to the detriment of the patient. It was a young man of twentythree, who had infantile 650 hemiplegia at the age of one year, as the probable result of a fall.

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