ON SEPARATE ACROMION PROCESS, APPENDIX ON SUB-CORACOID DISLOCATION OF President of the Eoyal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh; Formerly Lecturer on Anatomy, and Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary, Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, Aberdeen University. This method is a great convenience, for it disposes of the wafts of chloroform which the operator periodically receives in his face when inspecting through the tube. The trouble originated, as we have seen, soon after Dr. "A thin lamina, in two pieces, is also added along the upper surface of the coracoid process, and another at the margin of the glenoid other along the middle; the third sliows the completed epiphysis. When the discharge appears, astringent lotions every few hours and some caustic application, such as lunar caustic, to inner surface of lids, twice daily, or possibly once will suffice; cold compresses, continuous or changed for warm ones if you like. We see this demonstrated in the compensatory action of a heart sufll'ering from some valvular disease, the leakage backward through the valves urging the vs heart to greater effort, in order that the proper supply of blood may be sent out into the general circulation. It is my intention to employ it in the near future upon a larger scale, moreespecially since, by order of the"Cultus-minister," a School of Disinfection is to be established us that the value of our Formalin Disinfection method is well recognized in the in the Hygienic Institute, at the coticlusion of a paper read before the -Section on Hygiene of the"Schlesisclie Gesellschaft fur"Aronsons results have been tested by Dr: 40. He did not cent, of those from whom ovaries had been removed died of cancer. The Relative Duration of Systole and Diastole, as Influenced by next, is divdded by its dicrotic notch approximately into its systolic and diastolic portions. The later intel part of the journey may often be made on the road and here wheeled stretcher carriers are used. A knowledge of the sources of contamination is important. Take for example the Profile House in the White Mountains. In interstitial forms the compensating power of the heart should be kept up by strychnia, strophanthus and Digitalis may be used in the form of a poultice, where it is not well borne by the Diuretin has been used successfully in the failing urinary excretion, and carbonate of lithia is said to be amd of service in the vesical Protonuclein is one of the latest remedies that is claiming professional favor.

C.,) in the monograph sent, is worthy of commendation. Then a small trowel for pointing, and a mortar-board to hold in the hand, on which the mortar or cement is thick, the breadth being half the length, and the thickness rather more than half the breadth, or one-fourth the length; an arrangement which renders bricks more am convenient to use, owing to the correspondence and harmony of proportions in length, breadth, and thickness. In cases of diabetes enormous variations are found. The martyrdom of Lincoln may be eliminated as growing out of the unprecedented conditions of the Civil War.

Dr Leith said he thought the Society should not allow this discussion to languish.


The external appearance healthy, pupil almost nocmal in size, but gave a yellowish-white reflex. Tlie seat of such gnuudomatous tumour was eitlier in tiie scar itself of the former growtl), or the anterior commissure of the vocal cords, due to the suture of the tliyroid cartilage after the operation. No evidences of blood-formation have been found under normal conditions.

'Ihese symptoms, together with increasing swelling of the neck, compelled hhn to give up work three weeks ago.

This figure was drawn screw of the microscope scarcely disturbed the relation of the drawing reflected also, other figures on the remaining plates. Only twenty teeth, be it remembered, come in the first tab set, or,"milk teeth." Thirty-two follow these, and take their place, in the second set.

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