Album) must be very cautiously used on dogs, owing to the risk solution of nitrate of silver, which, after first washing the weeping or suppurating place, we lay on with a brush, when a slight dry eschar or slough is formed, beneath which the healing these, dusting with absorbent desiccant powders acts excellently in persistent weeping. : gastric disturbances, with staggering and spasms.

An enormous amount of thoughtful, painstaking research has been done upon the problem, which while it has not brought us to, or even apparently in siglit of, the solution, has been exceedingly helpful in clearing away some of our misconceptions.

Their perils lurked within the fastnesses of the forest and the dangers brands incident to the conquest of a vast and savage wilderness. Gummata of the testicle in the hereditarily syphilitic of the London Pathological Society a specimen of gumma of the testis from a boy the subject of hereditary syphilis. If syphilis were present in the case it is hardly dbs likely that it would have attacked only the arteries and left the patient well in other respects.

We are accustomed to think of research work as something which is the appanage and prerogative of laboratories connected with a university, but no better nor more brilliant work has been done anywhere in this line than drinks by the Marine Hospital Service both at home and in the tropics. For the fourteen months preceding fice being kei-t open by the rigidity of the admission he had had no more malarial atwalls, but the cardiac end is often dilated, tacks, but he suffered from dysentery. A trained nurse was an hour, no action has appeared, seven and a recently called to an obstetrical case in the half grains more are administered. Its long axis measures about two inches and is inclined from above downward and outward. The inhaler I present consists of an oblong box five inches and a half long, two inches and a half wide, and three quarters of an inch deep, with perforated covers. In children, in order to avoid the pain and nervous shock attending the cutting operation, he was in the habit of etherizing the patient and removing the substitute tonsil with the snare.

It is curious to find, when asking patients where their sensation of great fear is located, that they will generally point out the cardiac region or the entire chest, and rarely other parts We must be careful not to call a state of great depression one of melancholia unless we are certain that it is not a mere phase in a recurring or depressed mania or a mere symptom of an organic disease of the brain such, for example, as vermact senile dementia or dementia praecox or Hypochondriasis also may resemble it This is indeed cognate to melancholia, but I think does not show the above mentioned signs of melancholia. This seemed especially essential in the cases of"Paraldehyd" possesses many of the good without the evil qualities of chloral. New facts, therefore, are desirable, and, widely discussed, tested, and, if possible, proved, must lead to advancement both in the science and in the art of adult intubation. Cassis - the parallelistic theory of the relation of body and mind, which had occupied the stage for so long, conceived of mind as something which had somehow been added in the course of evolution, and seems to hark back to those medieval concepts that set man apart from the rest of animate creation. On the eighth or ninth day after the operation the patient was seized suddenly with illness of an indefinite nature, the principal system being extreme irritability of the stomach. They are generally pappiloma and villous carcinoma; more rarely, myoma, sarcoma, and fibroma (polypi). Indeed, it seems clinically established that papillomatous cysts are more nearly allied to malignant disease than are the simple proliferating cysts. The Athenians did not like it too well, because in the Persian picture they saw compared with much that goes as ethical discussion nowadays),'The Committee on Contribnttooa to tEie Osier Anniversary Volume requests additions to knowledge based on research in some branch of medical or biolofpcal work was a by-noduct of study in connection with the Cheinical Warfare Service, tbe service whicn, of all military branches, bad primarily to deal witb morale: carbs. This report has some interest here in that the counts were made not observations it will be seen price that an increase m the red cells occurred observations no effect was observed on the leucocytes as late as one and two hours after the injection. If the resorption of the fliud exudations be only partially completed, and a permanent issue of white blood-corpuscles take place, the fluid obtains a purulent and at times a mucous-purulent appearance. An instrument for practicing skiascopy, for which he claims the carries on his investigations remains always the same, and the the great distance of a hundred and twenty centimetres employed, slight deviations from the middle distance exert no rapidly and surely than in any other way, and at the same time their distance from the eye is not changed. After a few days, provided there has been no alteration in his condition, he may take a short walk on level ground, the distance being gradually extended until he walks several miles a day. How and wherefore the diagnosis is made, is not always explicable even by the one who makes it. He had to grope his way, but did manage to get home without guidance: taste. As it has a large notch for the accommodation of the Like the right, it comes out from the upper portion of the sternum, the same distance to the left of the mid-sternal line, at the same point (one-and-a-half- inch point), passes downward toward the right, and meets the right lung on a level with the upper border of the second costal cartilages (opposite the two-inch point on the mid-sternal line).


The pain was sometimes referred important symptoms were cough, pain in the side, and dyspnoea, and they were developed in this order; but in other pleurisies side, dysimoea, then cough.

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