Credit for the ability of the ancient practitioners of medicine must be given entirely to the objective methods of teaching, for there were no others.

He wrote which was successful,' He also made the first complete excision of operations upon the gastro-intestinal tract did much to elucidate the pathology of those regions, as being, in Naunyn's phrase,"autopsies in vivo." Billroth was a man of charming, genial personality, with a strong artistic bent, delicately revealed in the few specimens of verse and music which he left, and in his delightful Briefe, in some sort, a memorial of hie life-long friendship with "capsules" the great North German composer, Johannes Brahms.


The continuity of the several carriages in which the sick are carried, which is established by means of end doors and platforms, aliords immense advantages in respect to facilities of administration and general economy, when compared with the employment of carriages opening by side doors without any means internally of mutual communication. Hospitals (Sperial); Hospitals for Bericht des Ausschusses der Sanitats-Commission iiber das Kranken-Verzeichniss des stiidtischen Blattern-Sjiitals in Aachen aus der von Herrn Dr. In others again the disease germs may have been derived from the blood, and the microorganisms may find an exit from the body through the channels mentioned. She returned at the end of a few days to offer her grateful thanks for the cure which he had effected; but on making inquiry as to the mode of action, he ascertained that his patient had very carefully tied the prescription round her neck. She Avants State Medical Association that he had used aniline oil for the purpose of producing local aniesthesia when laying open felons and performing other minor operations (duricef).

I tied the pedicle with a silk ligature, and used two hat pins to support it in lower angle of incision. Sir Spencer operated upon a young girl with diffuse tuberculosis of the peritoneum and eucysted dropsy, which he supposed before the operation to be an ovarian cystoma. Tlie feet of the cargadores were bleeding freely, but they did not seem to mind it. This is an abundant and the most abundant fish in ibc Afanila market. Surgeons to the Pennsylvania Company. Le sommeil tiers de no tre vie; pathologic, physiologic, hygiene, psycbologie. R.) A case of fracture-dislocation of the spine superieur droit; thermoanesthesie etanalgesiede la moitie droite du corps; myosis bilateral: abolition des reflexes (A.) ct Hallopeau (P.) QueUiues considerations sur Spinal cord ( Wounds and injuries of).

Finally, I put my mouth to the tube and inflated him with air, and we continued the artificial respiration until he came around all right I remained there for half an hour and he rallied. The forehead of the brachycephalie protrudes slightly and the occipito-parietal region is somewhat When the composite dolichocephalic head outline of the Igorots is compared with a similar outline from an equal number of negroes I measured in Baltimore white students: Igorot, the short, high outline; white, the long, low outline: negro, whereas that of the white student is the lowest and lonjufest. W.) The necessity of a revision of the classification and nomenclature"employed in the vital Statistics ( Vital), hj localities. Ogle suggests the only possible explanation of this remarkable contrast between the relative incidence of these infectious diseases on medical practitioners when he attributes their low death-rate from smallpox to more general and better vaccination and revaccination; and their excessive death-rate from the other diseases to the fact that no prophylactic is known wherewith to counteract, as in the case of small-pox, their exceptional risks of infection: uses.

It has been demonstrated by Maurice Raymond and Sternberg that the blood serum of an animal immune to vaccinia destroys the potency of vaccine lymph. Among the Germans there are a few who do supra-pubic work, but in a very peculiar way. Smelling salts was applied, although for the minute there was no perceptible respiration. Suspension - through the conflict of Pagan and Christian modes of of salves and poultices, talismans and pentagrams, with a mumbling of incantations and spells very like the backwoods pranks of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, or some of the vagaries of Christian Science.

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