A widespreail opinion prevails that mercury ought never to be given when tlwere is albuminuria, or, at anj- rate, when there is disease of the kidneys. It occurs especially in spring and autumn, when vicissitudes of heat and cold often take place. A horse's tail was amputated composition that for three years had been affected with an adenoma of the sebaceous glands. Gives a tolerably full accouut of present and former views regarding vallaria majalis, or lily of the valley, were in use for a variety of ailments; and now, after long neglect, they are again coming into favor, espec; ally in France and in Eussia.

(S) Morristown Ehrman, Calder D, (S) Rockport Glackman, John C., Jr Rockport Whipps, Charles E. Knowing these things let us practice and preach them to our own patients personally and to the other fellow's patients through The health, police, street-cleaning and fire departments should form a special epidemic board with the powers of all combined; the pplice to enforce the sanitary laws and not permit a vacant lot in a crowded district to be used as a dumping ground for filth and to remain so for four weeks in an epidemic period until forced, by a citizen, to report it for cleaning; the street cleaning department to keep the streets clean of refuse and to flush those streets in infected areas which are not reachable by the fire-houses; the fire department to detail one man in each engine house to flush the streets for six square blocks around the engine house where he would be within reach of the sound of the engine whistle or a messenger to cease his drain on the water supply if necessary; the board of health with these adjuncts can then devote itself to proper supervision; when there is a panic in the finan cial market the clearing house works twenty-four hours a day in shifts, and the New should not be closed for an instant; the employee who is not willing in a crisis such as this to work overtime, or take his turn at night work, should give up his place to one who will; the mere technicality that no contract has been let for picking up foul driftwood from a canal like the Gowanus canal in Brooklyn should be brushed aside and the canal cleaned by days work; we will not jail the health commissioner for spending money without authority but the city will gladly pay the bill and pat him on the back for his public spirit and moral courage; we are paying plenty of bills for luxuries and I am sure we can afford this necessity. Her pulse, respiration, and temperature are normal, and examination of the urine is negative.

These tiny glass bulbs (or seeds) are placed in the tumor by means of hollow needles whose calibre is large enough to carry the seed. When the environments are tablet unfavorable the organisms cease growing and do not increase m number.

The other matters introduced by the mouth, which may be causes of diarrhoea, are those thrown in either as medicines or poisons, that have the faculty of stimulating the alimentary canal. This anergy explains the development of the terminal miliary tuberculosis in price chronic hepatitis.

According to Corenwinder's experiment, fifteen to twenty minutes of direct sunlight enable the colza, the pea, the bean, the raspberry, and sunflower to I a whole night. Certainly it was not an this winter, when I have met with two more. It may be supposed that a general preternatural plethora of the venous system may have the effect of increasing exhalation; and that this plethora may happen from the suppression of fluxes, or evacuations of blood, which had for some time taken place in the body, such as the menstrual and haemorrhoidal fluxes. In former times neurotics thought themselves possessed by the same view, and these unfortunates were prayed over to expel the devil within them. He had come from the dry rock of (xibraltar, in consequence of which he was seized with the diabetes; I advised him to return, he followed my advice, was cured of the disease, and has continued perfectly well ever since, making his return to a colder country gradually." MDX.

Uti - der Einfluss gefasserregender Mittel auf die ElastizitSt der The experiments were made on the hind-leg preparation of the frog, perfused under increasing and diminishing pressures with saline solutions, both before and after the addition of adrenalin and barium chloride.

For, apart from any local in'itatii'C or destructive influence it may exert on the i)art it primarily invades, its universal malignity, whatever be its nature, consists in the injurious pressure which its growtli exercises on the contents of the closed and practically unyielding walls of the intracranial cavity. Comparative office physiology of the spermatozoa.


From a public health standpoint, the prophylaxis of infantile paralysis is the most serious problem of the present time.

In the first stage of inflammation, the serous membrane is roughened by a thin layer of exuded lymph; in the next stage t?iere is an effusion, more or less copious, of an albumino-fibrinous liquid.

The whole affected portion of the sclerotic appears thinned and bluish, the intraocular tension greatly increased, and the eyeball presenting, in fact, a distended bluish appearance, with one or more of the before mentioned tumors seen here and there. The contagion in this case may have been received by the infant either by contagion or inoculation.

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