The application of nitric acid and ammonia, however, soon proved perhaps the best test, as some of these alloys very closely resemble red gold in colour. The lower margin was sharply defined, and dullness extended up and continued with liver dullness; below and back to the lateral side of the abdomen. The use of hyoscine and hyoscyamine is, in my opinion, positively unjustifiable except in mania a potu.

Coccydynia, unless of traumatic origin, is almost solely found in women. Gervis, Routh, Champneys, Hewitt, Cleveland, Carter, Godson, Matthews Duncan, Galabin, and Herman, Naegele, was, unfortunately, rather hurried over through want of time. Subsequently all the details of the operation, its immediate and consequent dangers, the possibility of the return of the disease, and its irremediable and certainly fatal nature, if permitted to remain, were all fully made known to him and his friends. Undigested food in the wrong part of the intestine is an irritant. Pouchet further discovered a new body in the urine, comporting itself as an alkaloid, and which, in combination with hydrochloric acid, could form double salts with platinum, gold, and distinguishing reaction between the vegetable alkaloids and the ptomaines or alkaloids of putiefaction. What has been said of the abuse of mercury, will apply to diseases produced by an excess of other specifics, as iodine, arsenic, antimony,' quinine, arising from emanations from lead, copper, brass, and mercury in various Dr. The thickening of the muscular coat commenced in the ascending colon, and gradually increased to the lower end of the sigmoid flexure, where it measured one-eighth of an inch thick. While it may be admitted that these remedies in exceptional cases reach the bottom of the hair follicles and thus effect a cure, it must be stated that in the ma jorily of cases they do more harm than good. Order of viviparous mammalia the reproductive function IS the same, and depends for its fulfilment, on the part of the female, of the produetion of an rgg in the special follicle of the ovary, and its subsequent discharge therefrom. The preparation may be some Mr. This communication is supplementary to one presented academy declared officially that Dr. " At six years old this affection was attended with double vision, but without pain or other inconvenience.

Professors Hedwood, Bentley, and Attfield, etc. Then, again, they made rules, and the rules were such that medical men were obliged to send their sous to Edinbiu'gh, in order to get the degrees which they had acquired, and which were demanded by the public, Iiut which the English College refused to grant them. The one order of spermatozoon gives rise to males, the other to females, the difference between the two beina; m their chromosomes.

Weie tab applied over the seat of the pain.


Where one waited and made the so-called simple incision, failing to go further and break up, as might be called for, adhesions or remove a slough, there was danger of subsequent intestinal obstruct'on.

After a friendly discus.sioii on the of the two Committees, subject of course to the sanction of their respective Associations, to the effect that Fellows and Members unitedly should elect the Council, Imt that no one should be eligible unless he were a Fellow or Member of ten years' standing. Each should clearly realize the points where they must meet. In short, the chief object of the examination is to ascertain, if possible, whether the candidate is likely to be an active and efficient practitioner of medicine and surgery. A distinctive auscultatory sign is the accentuation of the aortic second sound, indicating increased vascular tension; it may have a metallic quality.

Passive congestion and edema of the lungs are secondary to the cardiac weakness that is so common in advanced cases. The urethra is then thoroughly mopped with dry cotton-wool fixed in a stilet and e.xamined by the electric light. Ages, colors, and locations "250" of all persons vaccinated by them, together with the statement whether they have been previously vaccinated or not. As the instruments provided, however, never exceeded a thermometer and a rain-gage, the observations including those upon the 500mg course of the winds and other obvious states of the weather have necessarily had a limited range. Of Padua, announces the successful treatment of tetanus by means of injections of the tetanus antitoxin of Tizzoni and Caltani These experimenters succeeded in producing immunity against tetanus even in animals susceptible in a high degree, and have shown that the blood-serum exerts an antitoxic action, and is capable of producing immunity against and cure of the disease.

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