It is important, however, to know that the virus never inoculates when it is apphed to the sm-face of the sound skin; and that only a small proportion reason doubtless of the immunity, which so many who are bitten enjoy, is the fact that they are wounded through their clothes, and that the fangs are thus cleansed from all moisture before they enter the skin. Any person, persons, company, or oorporation who, after the publicar tion of such proclamation, shall knowingly receive in charge any cattle the importation of which into this Territory shall have been so prohibited, or shall drive, transport, or in any manner convey the same to and witnin the limits of this Territory, or shall knowingly cause or procure the same to be driven, transported, or conveyed into such Territory, in violation of such proclamation, or shall violate any of the provisions of section seven of this act by driving, conveying, or transporting or aiding therein, or causing or procuring to be driven, conveyed, or transported into this Territoir any cattle which are thereby declared to be unlawful, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five thousand dollars for each and every offense, and shall also become liable m a civil action for any and all damages such importation of such cattle. Butchers, cattle dealers, and their employes are especially excluded. Patients with lardaceous disease mostly pass a large quantity of pale urine; and the amount and the appearance vary according to the stage of the complaint. Necessarily employed in inspecting, and for the first inspection an additional fee of one cent per sheep when the flock inspected is five hundred head or less, and for inspection of large flocks five dollars for the first five hundred, one-half cent per head for the second five hundred, and one-quarter of one cent per head for the remainder of the flock, to be paid by the owner or his agent, and ten cents per line keep several separate flocks of sheep, and some flock or flockjS be not infected with scab, the owner shall be required to pay ordy the fees for inspection of infected flock or flocks: ATid provided further. The frequency of hospitalization was expressed as a linear regression on time. Constant indirect hemagglutination antibody levels in sera with fourfold or greater titer changes of CF antibody suggest that these assays measure different antibodies. Simeon Snell, the leading ophthalmologist in in Sheffield, where he was a J (usage). And the consequence of their wasting and loss of fmiction is that the palm becomes flattened, the thumb separated from the other fingers, and these powerfully extended at their first joints, and flexed at their second and third joints: conditions which impart to the hand the well-known claw-like, form which always results fi-om paralysis of the ulnar nerve.

The result is that very valuable time is wasted before hospital care is sought. The water gauge "tab" shows on the face of the tank. But far more important than such facts as these are the experimental proofs which have been obtained by Messrs.

The two "trapic" youngest children, three and six years of age,scemed normal, and one girl of nineteen was said to be strong and well. Lankester that the evidence of Moflical men in his court is often utterly defective; and further, that he is not even bound to receive Medical evidence solely from Jledical and he stated before the Association of Medical Officers of Health, when discussing Dr. Hepatic and splenic dullness disappear, and Icucocytosis may he The treatment is surgical; laparotomy, with suture "pregnancy" of the intestine, should be done as soon as possible. If we examine the remarks appended to the twelve cases which were inoculated three times, we learn that only seven are in good condition, two are stunted and small, and three are affected with enlargement and ulceration of the feet (from the carpal and tarsal joints aown), though otherwise in good condition. The external lateral wall lies in relation to certain cranial nerves, the third, fourth, the ophthalmic, and sometimes the superior maxillary divisions of the fifth nerve, also the sixth nerve, and the Different views have been held at various times with regard to the function of these cavities. Hindi - the food habits of foreigners are often very different from British ones, and many of the good hygienic effects of foreign travel are due to temporary alteration of food habits. It should be fixed to a post about four feet from the ground, where it will be fully exposed to the sun The phenomena of terrestrial radiation are still imperfectly understood, but from time immemorial the cold produced by radiation and evaporation has been employed in the neighbourhood of Calcutta for making ice; an open plot of ground being excavated to a depth of two feet, and filled to about six inches from the surface with loosely laid dry rice straw, which, a powerful radiator, serves also to intercept the heat given off from the earth. In the case of during the heart, the accelerator nerves are said to course through the sympathetic, while the heart-inhibitory nerves come from the vagus and spinal accessory. Louis market, and cheap labor; also the little expense required for wintering The local disadvantages encountered by the sheep-raisers of the State are cockle-burs and the want of legislative protection against the ravages of dogs. Town, Montpelier, made exhibition of Auctioneer stock, led by his stallion Fair View Farm, the property of Lester Fish, of Rutland, is known as the home Ledgewood Stock Farm, Rutland, E. He had the hisjhest opinion of the gentleman who legally advised rthe Society, but he was at a loss to understand how thoy could have inserted in their letter the statements to which Mr. No doubt the "tablet" laboratory explanation of the happy cure will come later.


After the subcutaneous oedema has disappeared hard and tender swellings can be felt in the affected muscles. The psychotherapeutic effect of Valium is characterized by prompt, symptomatic relief of anxiety and tension. But in hoyetic aiijina the difficiUties of diagnosis are increased.

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