Most part diabetics, in which repeated inhalations of ozone appeared to reduce or arrest the elimination Clinical Forms and Diagnosis of Syphilitic Charles Foix divided cases of syphilitic cerebellar the lesion ls is strictly confined to the cerebellar tracts and those of the cerebellopyramidal type, in which the disease process encroaches on the pyramidal system. There was no loss of irritability in the supinator longus, but considerable diminution in the force of its contraction; a current of moderate strength caused a much stronger contrac tion in the supinator longus on the healthy than on the afl'ected side.

In the mean of the disease, and the reparative processes have been constantly busy in ciicomscribing it as much as possible, aod combating its fatal tendencies. Note adjustable liandlc secured in uses position by set screw.

For engorgement of the breast, the old fashion remedy of hot mutton suet plasters and occasionally pumping the breast. Pleuro-pneumonia prevailed among the healthy and robust of middle age, while broncho-pneumonia was confined almost exclusively to infants and children. Wentworfch hung up the earpiece and came back to his surgery.

The horse and ox thrive upon grass alone, the cat and tiger upon flesh, the bird upon seeds and berries.

Electric bells and speaking-tubes connect all parts of the hospital.

For the result of the splitting and rotating action of the upper fragment upon the lower is sometimes that one of the sides of the lower or hollow V breaks, and the fragment, drawn by the muscular fibres attached to it, or in consequence of an impulsion communicated to it by the lower fragment, or of some outside pressure, leans towards the inter-fragmentary space and is caught in it so as to opf)ose reduction. The most important controllable source of 80 error is found in the temperature of the hydrogen peroxide. But there is no diminution of the sexual capacity after enucleation of the enlarged orean suprapubically, the nerves controlling this function bemg left intact, though when removed perineally sexual desire would In regard to the question of anatomical regeneration following the operation of prostatectomy, and the regenerative process noted at autopsy two years after prostatectomy. The patient had obstinately refused; but about the twentieth day, when the free suppuration of the knee and thigh had exhausted him, when eschars had formed over the sacrum, when the traumatic fever of the beginning had been transformed without interruption into an intense hectic fever, he begged earnestly for the operation, which then offered very slight chances of success. Applied toa small tubular projection from the caecum. The third, is that of their softening and evacuation, and the formation of vomica." The more readily to explain our views of the treatment of phthisis in its early stages, a few cases will be reported.

Another observation I think you will bear out is that gallstone disease is very uncommon in true blondes. She tried to tear everything she could lay her hands on, her clothing, bedding, etc., and she refused to take any food because it was full of dirt. He had never done a nephrotomy since that 40 time for the purpose of removing a calculus in the kidney. With respect to the other remedies employed in the case of good end, it seems manifestly to have iire'uented sleep, as wed as to have impeded the operation"of the purgatives. The proper syringe to use is one having a nozzle which forces the fluid in a lateral direction, completely straightening out the walls of the vagina and thoroughly flushing it out, with a minimum amount of force. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, one of the highest Masons in the State. The streets, not wide, lead thence in several directions, and have on either side wooden cottages and occasional brick mansions of more pretensions surrounded with gardens; the surrounding country is gently undulating with fine woods. The deformity of the bones was relieved in onlv a slight degree.

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