The on the list, unless paid for in advance. Do not report"Hypostatic pneumonia" or other mere "80" terminal conditions as causes of death when the disease causing death can be ascertained. The following table"The turning point between loss and gain of weight lies for aO three sugars between the same limit of molecular concentration, namely, between three different sugars lies between the limits calculated on the assumption tiutt the exchange of watier between muscle and surrounding solution b We may therefore feel certain that the laws of classical physical chemistry account for the exchange of water between striated muscle and the surrounding liquid and that the vague speculations of Ostwald and other colloid chemists are untoiable. 20 - troy grains unless otherwise stated. In this he is supported by many distinguished members of the profession in his own country, most of whom, however, difler as to the precise part of the economy to which the primary mischief ought to be referred. It is important to ascertain the occupation because so many of the persons affected have been associated with cattle in their daily work. One is the persistence of the tumor. An expert musician, a violinist in particular, will exhibit the symptoms of incipient general paresis more quickly than those whose occupations do not involve such delicate physical and psychical action. The cyst had entirely disappeared, without In a case like this there may, of course, be a doubt as to the correctness of the diagnosis of a parovarian cyst; but it is reasonably certain that this was the case, as one of the characteristics of this class of cysts is that rupture into the peritoneal cavity causes no peritonitis, uses and the fluid is absorbed without The method of operating on these cysts we owe to The surface of the tumor, or, rather, the broad ligament, when exposed after the opening of the ab dominal cavity, is incised down to the wall of the cyst. 25 - the painful part of the retrospect of a year is that which recalls those who have been taken from us.

The admirable system of dressers and clinical clerks found in British hospitals was introduced first in America by Osier at the Johns Hopicins Hospital. Thus a physician walking the London hospitals tells us that one famous teacher never has any cases of hematocele, but many of perimetritis, while the reverse is true of another ZweifePs treatise is adorned with a beautiful chromo-lithograph of the Hottentot apron, which he shows is due to may be cited the customs of some African tribes of fastening the enlarged clitoris by a ring to the perineum, or of sewing the freshened labia of young girls, as guarantees of virginity.

How acute these may be can been expelled in a single case. Judge Toohy, presiding, ruled that, according to a recent decision of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, an expert was compelled to testify, provided he was previously guaranteed With this position taken by the courts of our country, it seems scarcely necessary to importune the Legislature to take action upon this particular branch of the subject. It occurs in those of broken down constitutions; in such especially as have long resided in malarious regions, and who suffer under hypertrophy or atrophy of the liver or spleen. Some have recovered from a violent Paroxyfm by a Draught of cold Water, which, given to others, has increafed the Diforder. No other disturbances of any kind were amh observed. Ical teaching at the beta university. A palpable change in the thickness of the bones serves as a limiting landmark to avoid surgical trauma in this area.

Pertaining to the prolapse of the abdominal organs; com 40 viscin (vis'sin). This conclusion is confirmed in a noteworthy fashion by a comparison of the fundus oculi of this owl with the same picture in owls entirely nocturnal in their habits, and indeed with certain other evidence (especially that they all show orange or reddish fundi) constantly found in night animals. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF RICKETTSIA IN RELATION minute bodies which were found in lice which had fed upon not only in the contents of the alimentary canal, but especially in the epithelial cells of the alimentary tract of these insects. These little injuries, however, disable the workman, especially on the day after they happen; moreover, by causing restriction of the movements with which he performs his daily work, he is rendered more liable to still greater injuries. They include several ct treatises on medical subjects. For that reason it would be well for the use of the term mountain fever to be the series of phenomena that are familiar to, and have been recorded by experienced mountaineers, especially those who climb to very high altitudes. It is worth while to compare the Defcription of the Leprofy here given of the Yaws; for the Diftempers feem to have a with the Yaws all over his Head, was cured by Dr. In some cases it is mainly purulent, being of a thick creamy consistence and yellow in colour. Barker: There was some edema of the feet and ankles on admission, but that has for the am most part disappeared.

Arsenic acts apparently by stimulating nutrition.

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