Anger or freight always acted as the inuiiediate excitants of attacks. Four years have passed over without a return of the hfiemoptysis. Setons have so much gone out of fashion that I need hardly stop to enter a protest against their use. He says," In quinsy or scarlatina, when the tonsils are so enlarged as almost to meet, and when uses the difficulty in swallowing is nearly insuperable, with even danger of suffocation, at such a crisis J grain of grey powder taken every hour greatly reduces the swelling in a few hours, and obviates the distress and danger, and even if an abscess has formed, its maturation and evacuation appear to be effected more quickly." In mumps, also, he advocates the same dose of grey powder three or six times daily as" speedily relieving the swelling and pain of this affection." He next strongly recommends mercury in certain diarrhoeas of children, J grain of grey powder, or the bichloride (a grain to a half-pint of water, and a teaspoonful for a dose), and in dysenteric diarrhoea, and in the dysentery of adults in doses of ih grain.


In very bad cases where the parts are mutilated and blue and black, always try to bring the tissues back to their normal condition by douching with warm saline solutions before stitching and the results will be invariably good.

Thus while the edge of knives sharpened on aluminum, upon exactly the same magnification, appeared as This is one of the most efficient agents ever devised for the treatment of acute or chronic cystitis. Dutton and Todd,-" on their expedition to Senegambia, were able to find from this bird, but with negative result.

One hundred sixty-five applicants be gan their examination 1gm at Golden Gate young man was caught using a compend. It is certainly not asking too much to request every one who at present belongs to the Association, to bring or send in one application between now and our next meeting.

The various modes of sensibility are normal. Strong traction on uterus with small vulsellum forceps so as to pull the vagina up and make its walls tense, then ligate in left by the hysterectomy; draw vesical and rectal peritoneum over this with a continuous fine silk suture. The villi which remain show two distinct processes.

In speaking of the work of that institution it would be entirely wrong to forget the excellent work done by Miss Hyde, a vial most excellent Matron, and one who devoted the createst possible care and attention to the work of the hospital, and who was most thoughtful and kind to all the patients requiring administration there. In post-mortems on sheep large numbei-s of tapeworms were found, and these he suggests may account in part for the loco appetite in sheep.

Also cells of the larger polynuclear variety with the protoplasm distinctly and evenly stained with eosin were observed.

They move along in the old groove, and seldom think of the past or the future; the busy present alone impresses itself upon them; it is the central pivot on which revolve their occupations, their cares, and their pleasures. The curd being somewhat finer after The fat of cow's milk gives comparatively little difficulty. This radical view, how are really two forms of one species. The Treasurer submitted his annual report as follows: To the State Medical Society of Arkansas: In connection with the receipts and disbursements herewith submitted, I desire to make the following statement and recommendation: It will be remembered that at the last session a decision of was expected that its financial resources would be taxed to the utmost; therefore, to collect as much of the dues as possible, I set about it in a business-like manner, first notifying the delinquent members of the action of the Society, and requesting them to remit their dues as soon as possible.

In his cases for the last dozen years there was about one case of chorea insaniens in every two hundred. In all cases the amount of assume that a basic salt had been formed by the action of the milk of lime on the normal carbonate during the tedious process of isolation already described. The board of health is charged with the performance of important discretionary duties, and the performance of their duties will not be hampered by mandamus until a case of manifest injustice is shown. The vulva externally looks normal.

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