As often as gout is regular, it comes on thus. Persons apparently dead, or in a state of suffocation, have been instantly restored to life, by its influence; and from the corresponding testimony of several respectable physicians, it appears to have been employed with advantage in many obstinate diseases. In violent colics, attended with vomiting, it is always advisable to administer an anodyne injection, and if it be speedily discharged, the clyster should be repeated till the vomiting ceases.

"When the operation is perfectly effected, the division of the nerve is made without a tremor on the part of the subject.

At length, they reach the nobler viscera, In proportion as the parts occupied by the disease increase, the rest of the body loses flesh, whilst dyspnosa, scantiness of the urine, and intense thirst, supervene. The patient acted peculiarly, screamed during sleep, talked irrationally, wanted to get gel out of bed. At the same time, from every point, care should be taken to compare one hock with the other; if the slightest difference in point of size can be detected, it is fair to suppose one is enlarged dosage by the commencement of disease.

Man was born to mourn, and to be wretched; this is the condition of all below the stars, and whoever endeavours to oppose it, acts in contradiction to the will of Heaven. She expressed considerable disappointment, and being asked if she would consent to be mesmerized next week, and have it taken out, she answered in the negative, and said that if it became necessary to have it removed, she would prefer to remain in she had not, and the Dr. To be received simply on the authority of my own humble judgment. Next morning repeat the steaming, etc., and give a ball composed of three drachms of aloes; allow only five pounds of hay during the day. The refinement and control of the sex impulse, one of the most significant evidences of advancing civilization, the author associates, apparently in causal relation, with what Western nations regard as an improvement in the status of sucrafilm women. We have had no applications from Texas as yet, and could not fill them at present if we had, but will be able to do so in a short time, to those who may be desirous to property help us in our experiments. Kuster, and saw much of his work.

My experience leads me to indorse the author's treatment throughout, with a very few exceptions, and to assert that if this method of treatment is rigidly adhered to we shall have no delirium, no uses distended abdomen, no hivmorrhage, and, best of all, shall reduce the Most physicians lay a great deal of stress on nursing and diet as well as frequent bathing in typhoid fever, in which I fully concur, but would add with just as much emphasis the necessity of proper medication, believing that some have overlooked drugs and rely too much on diet and the bath, which, of course, should not be neglected, neither should tliey be relied upon too My thirt)'-two cases have ranged from three to eight weeks in duration, four weeks being about the average fever period, then following a period of convalescence lasting two or three weeks.


The two ulcers of the ileum were quite different from the ulcers generally found in the large intestine, for they were oblong, deep pits, surrounded by a thick, prominent wall of swollen mucous membrane, very a.

In England there should be no objection to a blind horse, since such of the species as have eyes are, by the prejudices of society, seldom permitted to use them. It should and would lead to the more general instruction in public schools as to matters of general and personal hygiene, and such instruction, if given in the proper manner, not by dry lectures and recitations but by practical demonstration, cannot fail to go far toward making this country a better and safer By such a campaign the interests of the commimity would soon be awakened, and active public support would be gained for measures insuring proper registration of the malarial mortality and morbidity, as well as for active prophylactic But it is not only in spreading the propaganda that children may be of use in an active anti-malarial campaign. She says that her weight has decreased about twelve pounds within six months, syrup and that at times she has pains in the lower part of her back extending down to the calves.

Ds - the diet in typhoid is fully and practically dealt with.

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