The impression on my mind was, that a second application ci the nitrate would be necessary in this c;.se, more especially because I was rather n:tre chary of the caustic in this case than usual, morbid excitability, there might be tome after trouble; however, there was none; and as I have not again heard from him, it" Licet omnibus, licet etiiim niitii, (lii;iiit:iteiii pubhcuni sit, dicendi pcriculuin non rcriiso." DLSCOVERIES IN MEDICINE (dosage).

Bleeding ceased, the tablet wound was cleansed, the other ovary examined by Dr. Careful examinations have been made, and no one organism has been isolated. I.VCEEASE OF THE InTRA-OCUI,AE PeESSURE.

Epilepsy in children may be replaced by more or less automatic states, in which highly organised acts of destructiveness may be done.

Her general health was also much improved, and she was discharged cured within eighteen days of her admission, This case shews very decidedly the good effects of early and active measures in congestion of the brain, and also the influence of strychnine in curing local jiaralysis when not depending on any structural lesion that effect of this remedy on the animal sjjirits is curious.

Surgeon Stevenson k r ive- i n detail the injuries inflicted upon the various regions of the body and their treatment, and he quotes very extensively from the"Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion" and from Longmore and other old authors on military surgery, but tin- book is disappointing in the fact that there is very little experience adduced will doubtless be a convenient and useful textbook for the young military surgeon, but it only reiterates what may be found in most recent works on surgery. Rometimps dcop incisions into the periosteum (the niombrane covering the bone) allord relief in both the acute and chronic forms Pus should be evacuated by the trephine (an instrument for taking out a disc of bone.) If the inflammation has continued long, especially, at tlio end of a bone, it is, probable, pus has formed and the trephine should bo When the Medullary Tissue (Marrow) of the bone is inflamed (myelitis) the bone us well as its medulla is, generally, involved, in which rase the condition is called osteo-myelitis. Of the thoracic aorta, springing from the back part of the transverse portion of the arch, it pressed upon the trachea, and pushed history of lead-poisoning three years before death, but no history of syphilis or strain.


Sometimes there is a lack of urine or the urine may be very red in color with deposits.

Stimulating liniments are frequently beneficial, as the following: Take of Ammonia Liniment an ounce and a half.

The cause is dead blood corpuscles and masses of effete material. There has been none during my present term of office, and I am not prepared to say that even such cases of typhoid and other zymotic disease as have, occurred could be directly traced to this source of contamination. But when the head is placed on a pillow and when one has the head higher than the rest of the body, while they are asleep, this air tuba does not so readily take in air as it would when the body and the head were lying on one plane or on a level. As the patient leaves the room, he should be clothed in flannel, and properly protected against cold. When, by any cause, the ciliary processes are preternaturally elongated, or the membranes of the vitreous humor have lost their elasticity, the individual becomes near-sighted; when, on the other hand, the ciliary processes are provided the elasticity of the retracting membranes purpose is retained. Smells from the rotten toes of students in school have often Smells from the dissecting room have often sent a promising youth into an early grave. Professional experience and practical good sense at once expose and confute this fallacy, and shew that not the amendment but the regret is applied at the wrong end, What would be said, if the same lamentation were made about medicine, to which it is just as applicable. I hold that syphilis, in the majority of cases, is recovered from. Freund had been in charge of the divided integuments, and closed them over the abdomnial viscera, securing the intestines from exposure to air as ds much as possible. These strategies must take into account disproponionately high rates of poverty, poor health status, poor schools, and a continued lack of access to educational and career opportunities. The application of cold water to the nose or back of the neck hand, or inserting plugs in the uoho, soalied with the solution. As in a case under my care in the Philadelphia Hospital during the past winter, in dilatation of the aortic arch (in the case mentioned the capillary pulse was more plainl) seen Students than in a case of well-marked The dyspnea, which is so frequently the symptom that impels the sufferer vice, in certain rare- cases is of such a character as to aid in diagnosis.

Six Lectures on Practical Nursing, by Mrs. In cases of potter's consumption from inhaled dust, occurring htemoptysis and other indications that tubercular mischief has been at work and complicated the malady. The trunk formed by their union (vera porta) enters the liver and breaks up into capillaries from which another set of veins, the hepatic veins, arise, which terminate in the vena cava.

It takes more than mere medical knowh to make a successful physician, as the sue fnl man with tact and a knowledge of human The Johns Hopkins University has asked for State aid, and immediately other State th it State aid should go to the public schools.

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