The president, secretary, and the speaker shall be ex officio members with voice and vote. LaFetra's question regarding the loss in weight, the Cuban case of enterocolitis had lost nearly two pounds in four weeks previous to the time when he first saw the child; during the time that the patient was under treatment with the lactic acid bacilli there was marked improvement and gain in weight, though there was an initial loss of three ounces The favorable result that followed in the case fed on condensed milk was explained by the fact that the Bacillus lactis bulgaricus flourished best in a rich carbohydrate medium, and although the sugar was not the same as that used to introduce the bacilli into the system, the two sugars were not antagonistic. It seems now astonishing that it never occurred to him earlier, that to have a mass of feces undergoing fermentation and decomposition in the interior of the body, the real cause of serious diseases. Springer is a case I reported to yon in May last, and wherein it required seven dram doses (hourly, one dram) to produce sleep by Bromidia bought at a pharmacy in Findlay, it required but one dram, repeated in one hour, to produce a good night's rest, of the sample bottle you sent me. In fever, this treatment invigorates the failing digestive functions, relieves the nervous irritability by cooling the blood going to the great nerve centres in the medulla, and strengthens and stimulates the the circulation reflexly, increase blood tension, and, therefore, the secretion of urine in fever, which is very important for the elimination of toxins. We think it desirable, therefore, to give an account of an essay in preventive medicine, vphich, as may be judged from the in following, One of us (A. In the majority of 500 cases they disappeared after two or three injections. He absolutely dissociated himself from the virulent attacks upon the British Medical Associalion: dry. The phenolic hydroxyl in morphine is of considerable interest.

Address After a aeason of quiet, the yellow fever exatement has again broken out od the Gulf coast, and quarantine, for a while suspended, has been renewed against Bilozi. Each person, therefore, is bom with two genes capable of producing arPi, with each gene possibly encoding a separate variant of ai-Pi. He then turned to the relation of the flea to plague, and referred to the great extension of the work at Parel Laboratory, due in large measure to the assistance and work of the dosage Plague Defence Fund, he pointed out that work done in the laboratory and that accomplished in the hospital and in the field could not be regarded as distinct. Dentists and suigeons"There are those who believe that syphilis may pass from fother to child, while the mother escapes.

There seems no good reason to doubt that much life, maternal and fetal, has been saved by these heroic measures. In abnormal cases, such as versions, instrumental deliveries, delivery of a putrid fetus, of hemostatic agents other than hot water, rupture and retention of parts of the placenta or membranes, adherent placenta, necessitating introduction of the hand for its removal, hot vaginal injections of the bichloride solution should be administered. If the symphysis be ankylosed the movement of the sacroiliac joint is lost, and the jar in walking is directly transferred to the spine; movement at the sacroiliac synchondroses and benefits destroys the stability of the pelvic girdle. Tapes or cords should be tied about the jar and cap, to which they should he attached by sealing wax bearing impressions of a seal, in such a manner that access can be had to the interior only after breaking the seals or cutting the tapes or cords. Bigeminus, Biradia tus, the uses second sacral nerve. Hence its appearance in families, as by family history, is, in my opinion, purely by chance. But there must be religious or ethical training of some sort from the age of self-consciousness onward through life if men are to be whole men and not merely higher animals. A demonstration on the subject will be given on the following tab afteruoou at St. Or the liberation "300" of water during a chemic reaction. The primary contraction of the vessels is succeeded by partial dilatation of them, when the blood from the interior of the over-heated body is cooled on the surface by contact with the sheet and by vaporization of the water. The organism assimilated the dextro form leaving the other unavailable form intact.


Spasm, "syrup" a spasm of the laryngeal muscles occurring on attempting to ing relating to the voice or to sound. After punctured valvular injuries of the abdominal parietes, a local emphysema was at times movements, which was liable to be misdiagnosed as indicative of perforation of the intestine (hindi). The blanks used in the study in question are prepared The progress of the disease may be divided into three stages: incipient, early, advanced.

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