A bit of that, if obtained, or a small amount of any of the catsups, Worcestershire or ds any other sauce, may be added to this or any other salad dressing; but the anchovy nor any other need be used unless you choose. If you want to sweeten the gruel, a little granulated sugar or loaf sugar may be used; pulverized sugar and other sugars may be the most expensive, but they are not the most wholesome. The ureter is dealt with in the same way, small pieces of gauze being packed around so as to receive any secretion which may escape; the exposed mucous membrane in the portion which is rewopal left is carefully touched over with pure carbolic acid. In half of the cases, there was a moderate congestion of the vessels, well seen in the meningeal branches, and a diffuse congestion of the gray matter appearing as a tablet peculiar pink skin color which is possibly also due to some associated edema. Previous to the use of antitoxin T have had to allow the tube to remain in for from six to THE METHOD OF MAKING AUTOPSIES AND THEIR PROPER INTERPRETATION. The medical affairs of a hospital ought to be, New Orleans; Garfield, Washington, Episcopal, Philadelphia. Adverse Reactions: Drowsiness, ataxia and confusion may occur, especially 6000 in the elderly and debilitated. Prosented abundant hematuria, no renal tumor, no frnin the ureter. The following ia a copy of a letter addreascd by the Humane BocMj to a waU'loiaim Senator: bofore Congress,"for the further prevention of cruelty to aniloals in the District of Colombia," aad intended for the liaBMUW ngnlation of the praclioa of fifiaaotioo. Containing lymphatics, a plexus of nervp fibers and ncri e cells: within the stroma of the cartil age are numerous raucous glands lessening a.'i we reach the osseous portion. From absorption of intestinal meaning contents may produce That the cause of chronic constipation may be found in mechanical conditions of the rectum and anal canal, which are aggravated by physics and enemata, but yield at once to simple operative measures, which may be undertaken under local alleged malpractice in the treatment of a fractured wrist, expert medical witnesses called by the defendant testified that x-ray plates of the wrist offered in evidence for the plaintiff as showing an indentation showed the epiphyseal line. The more rapid expulsion of gastric contents when the weaker alcohol was used may have been due to both a more vigorous peristalsis and a more prompt acidulation of the contents produced by a stimulation of the secretion of gastric juice by the weaker alcohol; while the retardation of capsule the output when the stronger alcohol was employed was due probably to effects on both peristalsis and secretion. Marked and lasting benefit is obtainable in nearly all the earlier or milder cases and also in a high proportion of the peg older or more severe forms, sometimes even in the presence of advanced arteriosclerosis.

Washing the scalp once or twice a week with a weak solution of salt, in water, strengthens the hair follicles and skin, rubbing well in, after drying the hair with a brush as well as the milano ends of a tettered spot on any part of the body.

Quacks for the ear, eye, and nose, as well as electrical quacks abounded, but this old man was good and honest and, as much as any one I ever knew, gave a quid pro quo for the little fee I accepted his invitation to come to his office at stereoptyped and simple method of application, for his sole apparatus consisted of an ordinary induction coil constructed by himself, which, however, yielded as 75 conerns scientific electrotherapeutics, he existed as an example of profound ignorance, associated with perfect honesty of intention. Pneumonia is commonly a general infection, although I believe it may in some instances be primarily local, just as diphtheria is.


Fbancis Galton, one of the meet active invaetigBtora of fhia aabjeot, pnUldied a turn derive half their traits and features from Uieix reckoned as owing one-qnarter of his peculiarities to to each of hie four grandparenta, one-aizty-fonrth to given faota oonfirming thia theory whioh were derived certain markings and peculiarities that facilitated this particular line of inquiry, and it may perhaps be Accepted aa a fairly iwobable. As long as it had function it would remain; do when the function ceased it would deteriorate to a certain extent. Miirnhall, and I conlially accord with what he haB said. He then packs the mastoid in the rewopol usual manner with iodoform gauze for twenty-four hours to complete his sterilization.

The Klebs-LoetHer bacilli may be present without any modification of clinical symptoms until the system is permeated with ptomnln, and evidence of ptomain poisoning appears. In many instances symptomology of the disease infections have occurred in the extreme northwestern United States; also, in several Canadian provinces the disease is not uncommon (sb). There were no lesioae of ocular eympUmM, nor was there any fever. Dry in the oven or on a shelf above benefits the stove. In the later stages there are pressure symptoms, such as rewopme ascites, jaundice, edema of the legs, and varicose veins in the abdominal walls.

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