Used in Japan as a local cough dressing for wounds. Toward evening, also, his breathing became much impaired, a bloody mucus obstru(;ting the nostrils. These considerations afford some evidence that facial e.vpression results from nerve-muscular action, the outcome of the motor action of that part of the nervemechanism which produces mental states.

If rubber tubes are used, substitute gauze as soon as possible, because the pressure of the tubes may cause them to ulcerate through the neighboringr ducts.

The capsules were a little adherent and the surfaces smooth, rather pale, and the cortices narrow. That law has been set aside, and, consequently, the mass of the population of the present day will not bear comparison with that of the past. These younger teachers believe that the proposed examination would be unfair to superior students, and would force slow-learning, but worthy young men, to hurry through their studies, and all for the purpose of purging the school of some half dozen lazy men, who after two or three years of idleness and odious self-comparison with their more creditable companions, often have the sense to take to work or to try a more congenial vocation than the medical profession. They draw blood, raise white lumps or swellings; some, such as the pipsa of effiued blood, which gives to the sufferer the appearance of a purpureal rash: syrup. COKRESFOHDETrrs are particnlarly requested by the Editor to observe that communications relating to advertisements, changes of address, and other business matters, should be addressed to the Manager, SCIENTIFIC GRANTS COMMITTEE OF THE Up to the present date, no trustworthy experiments have been made by which the duration of the ventricular systole has been established for diflferent pulse-frequencies. The large mortality of the surgical interference with spina bifida, whether by tapping, injection, ligation or excision, has been so discouraging that one almost confidently expects on the third or fourth day that gradual rise of temperature indicative of beginning infection of the meninges with its invariable Net infre(piently either does everything apparently progress favorably for even seven or eight days, with the then insidious or sudden change for the worse and the soon following fatal ending.

There are reports of about four hundred and seventyfive. The counter-irritant I liave found most useful is as follows: Apply a portion of the above to the navicular region, between the heels and fetlock, on the back parr, once or twice daily, uutU the part is well blistered, which will take place at the end of a week. The measurements taken of the pelvis showed it to be of a decidedly funnel shape, normal in its dimensions at the superior strait, but contracted at the pelvic outlet to a transverse diameter Three weeks before the date of the patient's expected confinement complete dilatation of the os uteri was secured, and she was placed under chloroform. Illuminating gas contains tablet a small amount of it.

The scalp was shaven, the coagula removed, together with three small triangular pieces of the cranium, and in searching to ascertain if there were other foreign bodies there, I passed in the index finger its whole length, without the least resistance, in the direction of the wound in the cheek, which received the I have been asked why I did not pass a probe through the entire extent of the wound at the time. All about the camps were pools of stagnant water, often swarming with fish; others barely a square yard in area and several inches deep were filled with decaying vegetable matter. Acts as Trustee under Mortgages, Assignments and Deeds of Trust; as Agent for the Transfer or Registration of Stocks and Bonds and for the payment of coupons, interest and HENRY J. Randle Buck, articles should be sent direct to the Music Hall, Worcester, and addressed to the care of the Curator of the Museum of the British Northern Coi'Nties (Scotland) Branch.- The annual meeting of this Branch papen or other communications arc requested to forward the titles to the Honorary read papers are reqacstcd Co communicate at ooce with Arthur Jackson, Secretary, Sheffield. Bologuini contends that theformulje in general use for computing the doses of remedies suitable for diflferent ages are unsatisfactory.

The same simple method was successfully practiced by the author in numerous cases of anginas of various forms, and by Triitovsky in a group of cases of scarlatinal diphtheria. A curator was appointed, the first to hold the position being Dr. Bestucheff s Mixture or Tincture: rexcof. From one to six of them have been found in the body cavity of a single X.


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