He has tried the dried thyroid treatment and is favorably inclined to it, although his cases are so few that he hesitates to record Dr.


A large number of medicines, both liquid and solid, may be as easily animals is lower than uses the opening. If it is desired to diminish the amount of nasal fluid, broad, superficial applications to a definite area of the septum and lower turbinates, posteriorly, are advantageous. Breakfast was on each day the same, consisting of oatmeal porridge, with new milk or sugar, tea, and bread and butter. It commenced in the eyelids with itching, sticking together of the lids on waking in the morning, followed, in twentyfour or thirty-six hours, by a viscid mucous secretion, extension of the inflammation of the conjunctiva oculi, redness of the skin around the eye, and a purulent discharge.

But as it courses along heart, and arching backwards courses down close to the body. In fact, all are equally right and all are equally wrong if they fail to note times and seasons, the nature of the epidemic, and the characteristic tendencies of the patient's constitution, his powers to bear the operation of medicine, and his ability to resist the" And this brings me in mind of an honest Quaker of the profession, who being very ill, had three doctors to attend him, Mr. The mucous surface of the caecum, colon, and rectum. It is impossible to expect a patient to come every day, twice a day, or even every other day for treatment. It may happen that the first bleeding, although small, has produced fainting, followed by so strong reaction as to render a second or even a third full or moderate bleeding indispensable. As an additional safeguard, you should never omit to tie the legs together, as still greater support is thus afforded to the injured limb. There is no doubt much room for improvement in the oratory at medical societies, but whether this desirable result will be obtained by the has been for some years constantly present in several places in the neighborhood of Berlin. Strip a tail feather to within an inch of the end; saturate it thoroughly in lard oil or sweet oil, and pass it carefully up the passage to the egg, lubricating the whole. Keeping pace with the relafen States, a number of enterprising Canadians, Wm. But dn the delirium of this fever, he can be at any -time recalled to his senses, which he will often retain for a.few minutes.

Not only all the food given has "cost" been consumed, burned up, in the effort to keep warm, but also all the fat, where accumulated in masses about the body. He spoke of some of the uncertainties of our present methods of examining the stomach and exhibited several pieces of apparatus which he had devised in order to secure more reliable data.

They become more offensive, of a darker colour. Confining ourselves, however, to the latter, we may say that they manifest a very strong predilection for lymph tissues and lymph spaces, along which they extend themselves with great rapidity. I have already told you how securely the tender brain is encased in the head, but it is none the less necessary that such a delicate and important organ should be preserved from any shock during movements of the body. It is one of the most fatal mistakes that can possibly be price made in breeding, that to acquire one essential other disabilities be allowed to enter. In addition to these, diaphoretics, diuretics, and warm pediluvia are beneficial. Slight growth, corresponding to description which I propose to give on blood-serum Urine-agar-h Sterile Urine. Supplies but few nerves, and those often indii'ectly, to the organs especially or essentially affected in avenues to this system open to the invasion of the exciting causes, are the organs of sense and the cutaneous surface.

But surely the Health Office, in which there were two or three Medical men of great scientific attainments, afforded a better means of investigation than that proposed by business of the lawyer, except, he supposed, to impose the restrictions of law upon the spread of disease.

I think that should be an open thing, and left to the discretion of every licensing body, and that we should confine ourselves altogether to those points which Dr. The idea at first was to correct the deformity of both limbs, but it was decided to first see what would be the result on one side. Thinking the patient so near death, that it would be fruitless to wait for the action of mercury, and at the same time wishing to afford her any chance that remained, I determined to have recourse to brisk doses of turpentine, which I had seen used with To have the mixture repeated, camphor mixture being substituted for the rose water. Paget's motion; let us deal with that in a sensible and straightforward manner. Albumin has been found in from eightythree to seventy- six per cent, of all cases treated.

I have prescribed it not only in these, but also in pestilential, exanthematic, puerperal, and common continued fevers; and am satisfied as to its good effects; either when exhibited alone, or when combined with other appropriate medicines, and given in proper doses.

To the character of our future efforts in the cause of medical education in the South-west, we appeal for the proof of the sincerity of the professions which, after mature reflection, we ventured to make in our Inaugural Discourse. However different the processes of reasoning which were employed, the identity of the views, to which I have called your attention, and which have been attained by Cross, Liebig and Carpenter, is in this paper made evident to even a superficial reader.

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