After a careful removal of all foreign material from the uterus, its walls are washed, by by a hot vaginal douche. Again, affections of the abdominal viscera of various kinds may interfere mechanically with the passage of the intestinal contents, cutter but mere constipation is then merged in a more serious condition that of obstruction of the bowels which will be described separately. This thorough stamping our, then, is one course open to us if pleuiopneunonia should aj)poar in Canada.

That was at eleven o'clock in the morning. And methods of, performing venesection, bv lohn diagnosis and treatment of membranous tonsillitis, bv Lewis S. They show it by suffering from headache at the back of the head, where the balancing center is situated.

Frantzel remarks that in the female the diaphragm resists pressure less than in the male, except when the abdomen is occupied by a pregnant uterus or when the intestines are over-filled with gas: lyte. But we suspect that in general more blood returns from a part actively inflamed, than in healths Inflamed arteries when cut, spout out blood to a greater distance than in the uninflamed state, which Mr (discontinued). Since this layer is immoveable in its immediate contact with the coats of the vessels, every time that a globule is placed there it will be at rest, or rather, its velocity will be more or less diminished, according to the portion of the globule immersed in it. Further, owing to movement, the exposure required is to be as short as possible. There appears to be something similar to this in man, in those ages where the coecal digestion is most developed; in childhood, on the contrary, when the digestive apparatus resembles that of carnivorous animals, repeated discharges of excrement take place at indefinite periods of time.

Beside the operations that have been hitherto alluded to, several others have been proposed and advocated; among them are the injection of oxgall, iodine, or oil of male fern into the hydatid cyst; the introduction of a large trocar and the formation of a fistulous opening, or the penetration of the tissues external to the tumour by gradual stages, so as to allow of the formation of adhesions between the capsule of the cyst and the parietal peritoneum. We beg leave, however, to question thQ sotindness of that philosophy, which draws a uses conclusion so general from a single fact. (If yc number, and she will connect you with the colleague or service you have requested. The vs muscular weariness is especially noticeable in the momiog. There is an obvious analogy between this exfoliation of the columnar layer of the bronchial epithelium and the separation dosing of the cuticle in the roots of blisters or vesicles when inflammation affects the skin.

A previously healthy man, thirtyfour years old, after exposure to cold and fatigue, was attacked with shivering and diarrhoea, accompanied by severe abdominal pain and tenesmus. K., has no more share in the production of inflammation of the membrane tympani, than it has been already shown to possess, in causing inflammation of the glandular integument of the auditory blood-vessels are observed running along the handle of the malleus, and terminating at its heart- but they always disappear in a very short time, without any We are sorry to be under the necessity of greatly abridging Dr. If indeed exposure had been recognized as a real problem, the surgeon was obliged to address that problem before proceeding.

Quervain had opportunity to study twelve cases of spasmodic torticollis operated upon by Kocher. In the case of Fessenden it scarcely fisted exoepc in thebeginnftig of the disease (definition). If vomiting occurs, this almost always brings the pain to an grifols end. The most creditable publication in the world's medical literature belongs to this country; needless to say I refer to the Index in the second series from the Surgeon General's office, as a Government publication, and also that monthly publication which owes its inception to Billings and Fletcher, whose publication was for a short time suspended for lack of support, but which is now again resumed under the auspices of the Carnegie Institute. These albumin attacks came on frequently afierwu'ds, with intervals of ease. That the outer side more often than the inner side of the ankle is the seat of the trouble. The relation, therefore, of thrush to diarrhoea in young infants probably is that they are both effects of a weakly state of health from bad feeding or from some plasma other cause.


"Senn's Genito-Urinary Tuberculosis of the Surgery, Rush Medical College, Chicago. The induction of abortion, when is it permissible? The value of legal medicine in the study of criminal law.

This is the commencement of the broken country; which,becoming more and more alpine, as we advance to the east, at last terminates in adalah the Alleghany mountains.

The patient struggles, holds his breath, raises the intrathoracic pressure, congests his venous system, lowers his arterial tension, and finally takes deep inspirations and surcharges his lungs with chloroform. Elevation of the temperature is a supposed cause, and Dr Morehead thinks that it may sometimes explain the occurrence of hepatitis during the hot months of the year in plethoric individuals who have not long arrived in India.

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