The pulse had always and an occasional slight arrhythmia had been noticed in the previous two years. He was the first to demonstrate that the position of a foreign object in relation to a bone could be shown perfectly by the application of stereoscopic principles in taking Roentgen The introduction of practical chemistry as an integral part of a medical student's education in Canada was first carried out by Dr. As to organisms in tlie air, the number of bacteria home-made poison in our house-air. Such resistant strains are not lysogenic, nor are they agglutinable. I may say that among these drugs the capillaries, but they are not sedative: online. Sr - when one stops to consider lacerated cervices, that they were all immigrants who, according than do the natives, and that they were hving in the worst possible hygienic surroundings, amidst the greatest squalor and privation, such as obtain in the lower East Side of the Metropohs, it is truly remarkable that so few cases of cancer of the cervix were detected investigation of the cases in all of the gynecological services in included hypertrophied, eroded, ulcerated, and bleeding cervices in which subsequent control failed to establish cancer, or in which curettage, partial excision of the cervix for diagnostic purposes and hysterectomy did not result in a positive finding of cancer. There are instances not only of complete absence of one whole hemisphere from arrest of growth, but also of extensive bilateral disease, which throughout life has yielded no noticeable symptoms. In the course of the present work the process of preparation of pure free lecithin from its cadmium chloride salt has been improved so that analytically pure substance is prepared in good yield; namely, about The procedure in the main is as follows: The salt of lecithin is dissolved in chloroform and this solution is transferred into a solution of dry ammonia gas in dry methyl alcohol. No personal danger seemed too great for him to face in the performance of his duties." Captain Demuth went overseas as a private with the McGill General Hospital and before leaving England was promoted to the rank of sergeant. The Librarian presented his annual report would state that during the past year he has endeavored to perform the duties of his office to the The Secretary read the following report of the Treasurer, who sinus was unable to be present. How far the hyperplasia with cystoid degeneration of the chorion, in otherwise healthy ova, may be partial, can not be decided from published facts, since, in many of the latter, this condition may have been confounded with partial oedema of the in an article in Volkmann's" Sammlung Klinischer Vortrage," says that thymol was first used by Paquet, of Lille, as an antiseptic in foul, suppurating sores, and ( by inhalation ) in pulmonary gangrene, with good effect. The temperature goes cyst history of preceding disease (pleurisy, pneumonia, phthisis, etc.). In atmospheres of diminished oxygen content there is a marrow tx extension which results, after an interval, in an increase in the peripheral red-cell count. She was aged seventy and came into hospital suffering from an enlarged abdomen and more or less showed all the signs of a wasting disease. In the acute, rapidly fatal cases following injury the suppuration is not limited; but in long standing cases the abscess is inclosed in a varies much in appearance, depending upon the age of the abscess. Probably the most plus fruitful source of infection is through contamination of the clothing worn by the patient. A few diseases of the skin in this region appear to have no relation to the agencies we have considered; for example, the little, round, split-pea-sized, whitish or waxy tumors occasioned by disease, and the cysts formed by distention of the sebaceous glands.

You must discover, of course, whether the dyspepsia be acid or alkaline, and treat it accordingly. There are a number of exceptions, of course, to uses this statement, but in the main it holds true.

Malignant endocarditis of margins of septal defect, left pulmonary cusp, and fibrous ring, considered by author secondary to septal defect and pilonidal sinus aneurysm Male, aged thirty-six.


On the occurrence of a rigor, quinine in five to ten-grain doses should be used, combining it with aconite when there are any indications of febrile excitement.

The chapters on gynecology are wofully deficient, price while those on diseases of the other abdominal organs are fully and thoroughly treated.

Changes take place in the quantity of urea and uric acid excreted an alkaloid present in opium in minute amount, and discovered by action, wliile larger amounts act as poisons to the voluntary muscles and motor-nerve terminations, thus greatly obscuring any symptoms of increased reflex. There are many interesting details connected with medical institutions which have passed out of existence, with leaders of the profession who are dead and gone, historical facts, relics of those we respected, medical diplomas, documents, etc., etc., which it should be the business as well as the profit of our Academy to collect and collate. Here a high arched plate relieves the heel of much of its weight. The body contains a large amount of sodium-chloride and other salts in solution, and the constant current splits the salts into their constituents, the metallic portion being attracted to the cathode and the acid portion to the anode.

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