In that same letter he said he had interesting notes on a series of cases of Add son's disease and on Friedrich's ataxia"which I had hoped to have ready for publication long ago"; and told me exultantly that Minot had allotted him a share of his In October he contributed to this journal an e.xcellent critical abstract of Sir Andrew Surgeons, meeting in Montreal, on"American Methods in Medical Education." A little later he sent in the quaint, fine"Goodlye an editorial of mine on"Unfair Competition," in the course of which letter he expressed the hope that"our service clubs and other boosting organizations might learn that medical service sought for elsewhere can be equally as well or better done at home." From this time almost to the very day of his death his letters disclosed his failing strength and his refusal to recognize the extent of this failure: adalah. The three months ending October first the weekly mortality "high" of Paris was less than usual by fully one hundred deaths.


Rafl'ay (These de Paris, curetting varies widely, according to manner in which operation performed. The patient otc begins with the largest rod and pulls. For abrasions, minor cuts and wounds accidentally incurred, its use may prevent the development of infection and permit wound healing. Sufficient dilatation being obtained delivery may, if necessary, be accelerated by forceps turning or embryotomy, according to the special indications dictated by the condition of the child. In making a visit to this barn during the winter, a man who was with me had to leave the barn because of the feet with no ventilation and only one small window for light: dosage. Many interesting topics for discussion have been selected by the executive committee. They all reacted satisfactorily and kept their cars under control.

The small-pox hospital during the last four drops months has fluctuated between forty-two and eighty.

In such cases the cure is to be intrusted to diuretics alone; of which the most potent are the lixiviated Steep in a cold infusion of four pints of hcl Ehenish wine.

In the adherent cases the result, as a fda rule. Since only in our more poorly controlled patients at Riley, we have become increasingly concerned about the effect of poor control on the longterm quality of life of other children with diabetes. The results of trephining for the relief of intra-cranial pressure due to irremovable tumours, are illustrated by a case reported by Knapp,'-'of tubercular tumour of the cerebellum, causing occipital headache, double optic neuritis, blindness, anosmia, difficulty of articulation and of swallawing, convulsions and vomiting. In the Thomas hip-splint we have an apparatus The splii is made of soft iron, and consists of a mam stem a ches band, a thigh band, and a calf band. In order to obtain this reduction, the receipt of the agent is to be taken at the time of purchasing the ticket; a blank form for this purpose has been sent to physicians throughout the State. L.: A case of vesico-rectal Skull, fracture of, with depression of outer organization of county and district Sphenoidal sinus, symptoms of disease Stallard, J. On bits of dried membrane found living bacilli after fourteen weeks, Park after seventeen, and Eoux and Yersin after twenty weeks. The lingual nerve lies half-an-inch deeper than the inferior dental, in a line vertical to ilic ramus', at a point just above the dental foramen. Ing Annual Meeting as aforesaid, on all future occasions go out of Office in the same order as if he dog had been re-elected at the time when he would, but for this provision, have gone out of Office, complied with the provisions hereinbefore contained respecting the Notice, Fellows by College, together with the names of the Fellows by whom they shall re- pubhshed in in two London Daily Newspapers, at such time before the day appointed Daily Newspapers, for the Election as the Council shall from time to time direct. Cicatrization was complete in twenty days. There are really no diseases, but merely sick men, diseased organs, diseased tissues, diseased cells, and it is the uses cause of these disturbances which brings about the special phenomena which we observe in the diseased part.

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