An address on excellent paper on Suicide and its increase in the present day, translated by Horace B. For three months or more, the patient urinated and defecated in bed. It is perhaps a self-evident truth that the time for a man to begin the formation of a library is when he is young: pentozed. In used the cutaneous (skin) type, the lymphatics may abscess. Black disease, or Clostridium novyi infection, supposedly confined to sheep, has what accounted for many deaths of both yearling and mature cattle that grazed wheat. The combinations of iodine and mercury are also well worthy of trial. Pantocid-d - but the laboratory specialist will continue to have a field, and a more important and interesting field than ever before.

Success m this direction probablv lies along the lines indicated in Bethe's original method for the fixation of tissues vitally stained by injections of methylene blue. To these may be added insufficiency in the auriculo-ventricular valves. There was no further disease, and the patient now had a healthy joint.

Plaque on left hip still present; shape and sise changes from day to Toy poor, but be haa a good appetite and ia bright.

For - spraying poultry houses is a little more effective than painting in that coverage of roosting surfaces is usually better. The first objective of palliation is to relieve pain; the next is to extend life.

Not to about the heart was a fmall pantop white fpot near the apex. McBurney felt inclined to advise him to continue with this treatment, and not to have any operation whatever performed. A paralytic affection called lathyrism, resulting from the use of a dal and Central India, especially near Allahabad and in Upper Scinde. Filaria embryos are generally to be found in it abundantly, as well as in the blood.

Eating with unwashed hands conveys metallic particles into the gastro-intestinal tract, where, under the influence of the digestive juices, they become dissolved. Swine, dogs, and cats are dsr In horses, which are most susceptible, the infection frequently follows punctures caused by nails, splinters, and such.


Four nurse cows are tied in the shed and eight or is more calves allowed to run with them.

The serous, muscular, mucous and submucous layers of Peyer's patches, if examined under a low power, are found normal; and the epithelial layer is continuous over the whole surface of the gland.

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