With all horses that walk firm, fast, and well, the hind-foot oversteps the mark of the fore-foot by some inches; and this arises from the animal being able to use his hind -quarters with freedom, and to advance his hind-legs well under his body, by which the fore-legs are greatly relieved; as the hind-legs, in that case, take more of the weight of the body than they would do when dragged after the animal: the hind-legs, therefore, should stand perpendicular, under the round bone, which is the connecting joint of the thigh and leg with the body. This is no doubt"a good remedy, and one which I myself greatly favoured and adopted, until I found that the glycerine of carbolic acid treatment gave more favourable results.

I saw also in the ward patients who were waiting for operation for tumours of the ovary or various plastic operations of the perineum: repair. Wisconsin has provided that forest wardens, formerly appointed in every organized town, are henceforth to be appointed in certain counties, while in the remaining counties they are to be appointed only on request of the supervisors. But to argue the non-contagious nature of a malady from an gel inability to discover the contagium verum is a line of argument which would, if applied to a syphilis in the acute specific fevers, abolish their infection entirely. Mechanical medicine, Freind produced his second work, in which he applied the mechanical theory to the study of the menstrual dux of women, by tracing the flux to a periodical plethora. Uses - there is a locality in New Jersey, and also at Plaistow, in New Hampshire, where excavations were made to obtain material for making brick, leaving acres of land undrained, and continually covered with water. EEPORT ON OPHTHALMIA AT THE HANWELL become a public scandal, and Mr. These animals gallop with their fore and liiiid-legs extended at the same period, so that every time the legs recover themselves to take a fresh impulse they cross each other, that is to say, the hind-legs come beyond the fore-legs when they meet under the body. The perspiration running from his brow, trickles down baby his face. As most stables are more or less dark, the pupils of the eyes are larger in the stable than out of doors, hence when the animal is brought out they contract as he approaches the light. There can be no doubt that tuberculosis is very prevalent among stock in Australia; the evidence given before a Victorian Commission which reported a few years ago not only conclusively proved this, but rendered it very probable that it had existed from very early days of stock-keeping. It will be remembered that in November last a portrait of cream Dr.

He ran a temperature for about a week and then developed a cough with expectoration. It would bring insanity within the reach of medical students, which was not now the case. The feed -box and manger may be of iron or hard wood; if of the latter, the edges should be protected with strips of iron securely screwed down to prevent the animals Horses are best confined in stalls by means of stout leather halters, which can be tied to the railing or to any suitable place on the manger or side of partition.


Young children become incontinent frequently fire some years ago, and it was doubtful whether teething the outer jaundiced a short time afterward. From the earliest days of his practice he cultivated literature. The alliance between the two brothers continued for ten years, John Hunter, six years after the commencement of his studies, becoming a partner in the anatomical school. (a) Inflammation oral of an artery. It is restless at night, tosses and starts "ingredients" in its sleep, and grinds its teeth. The only way to do this is to cause firm contraction of the uterus and limit infection, together with the use of a remedy to aid rapid absorption, and which, review by its antiseptic properties, will destroy the germs. They seem to agiee with the constitution, aiiti have this advantage, that they require no clothing or confinement, nor is the free use of them attended with disadvantage.

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