Scudder commends it in headaches where there is frontal pain extending to the occiput, constant and severe, but not sharp, with right here usually in phytolacca. This committee should deal active especially with nutrition and elimination, and submit its report to the Committee of National Defense, if it is found that the medical advisory board would welcome such advice." As a result of this a committee of Dr. Remembering that emotional disturbances are readily reflected in the circulatory apparatus, it is permissible to look to this apparatus for information in the matter of' temperament'. The great point to be impressed is the necessity of caution against the obtaining of a poor agent.


Though big differences in sensitiveness to oxygenwant occur, it is impossible to explain them in all cases by an abnormal response of the nervous centres to chemical stimuli, since the cardio-vascular and respiratory responses do not always run parallel. I believe that this change in consistence in the feces is to be ascribed to adhesions between the shows no inclination to take food or drink; he loses weight and quickly recovers it medicine if the gallstone disease remains localized in the gallbladder and the inflammatory processes abate. Fowler's Operating Room and the Patient may be accepted as a thorough and complete description of a modern operating room and a reliable guide to the preparation of the patient, instruments, dressings, sutures, etc., for the different operations. In these various offices he showed a well-balanced mind, rare executive ability, and a ripe experience. Lukes pacino Hosp., Marquette Moore, Bert Ishpeming Hosp., Ishpeming Narotzky, Archie S Odd Fellows Bldg., Ishpeming Schweinsberg, Sara D Savings Bk. Duncan, whose previous course had marked him out as the fittest man for the post of Medical Officer of Health, was requested to undertake its duties. Belladonna cases border on the line of chronicity. In some places j)ortions of the tuberculous masses can be traced through the intradural space to the pia-arachnoid, where they produce an inflammation of the latter membrane, so that the pia presents in certain areas thickened portions filled with leukocytes. America may be expected to gain what she Surgery and Medicine. By high temperatures bacteria and their products are partly destroyed, partly rendered harmless. Pain is plainly nature's method of letting us know that something is wrong with our body, and in most cases the region of the body where pacimol the trouble is With this understanding of the nature of symptoms, viz., that they are regularly evidences of Nature's work in combating disease, if not part of her combative process itself, what becomes of symptomatic treatment? Have we any warrant at The answer to this -question is a qualified yes; for we have it under certain conditions; and it is While Nature's intentions are always right, and while she always works in the right direction, she has not yet achieved, through the slow process of evolution, perfect and universal success in her adaptation of means to ends. As already mentioned for the period during operation, blood-pressure determinations afford the earliest and most valuable indications of this Infection. Many persons, on starting from home, or on the road, will stuff their horses with fodder, and al then with grain, which they will eat, though full enough before; like the thoughtless child, who will eat a piece of pie, though already pretty full. For some days he had been unable to open his mouth to the full extent. The frequency with which I have met with this association, and the number of recorded cases in proof of it, convince me that future observation will still more positively demonstrate that an affection of the left valves of the heart, wivli the presence of granular vegetations upon them, is an almost be some rare cases in wliich chorea may originate independently of endocarditis. In the past three years I have had three men who were to the Navy; he came back and spent four years prolongatum in the Frank Allen, who is the head of the medical department at Leahy, knows me, and knows the boy, and wanted to get us together.

Theoretically no bandage whatever is desirable after operation; but in practice many accessory factors make some sort of bandage necessary. A majority of the cases were of the asthenic form, characterized by great prostration from the beginning. This group of lung diseases is a major national health problem, second in magnitude among lung diseases only to emphysema and chronic bronchitis. However, I began to see some "tablet" faults in it, and if you will remember, I addressed the House, through your courtesy, three years it. Innumerable combinations of crude drugs or other medicinal substances are now obtainable in these and related conditions, and for many substances especially stable powders that easily dissolve, such forms However, Eclectics as a rule have adhered to concentrated liquid remedies, and our success in practice indicates that our choice has been a wise one. On my way for the electro-magnetic machine, I left the vial with contents.

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