Third day, when a small red papule appears. Sections of these portions appear smooth, not granular, void of air, condensed, have but little fluid constituents, and only a slight amount of blood can be pressed out. This again was entirely There are but two conclusions possible to be drawn drom tab this case, assuming that the diagnosis was correct and that the Wassermann tests can be depended upon. We do not know of any provincial cities medicine which have made any similar provision. Another process has been quite recently proposed by Messrs. All the other micro-organisms seemed of a secondary character, elements of subsequent invasion. In the usual form of the disease it is better to apply the thermocautery lightly over the mastoid region.

Home.Secretary, said, in reply mg to Mr. Bobchaedt of Manchester has had a very gratifying and unusual expression of 50 gratitude, by the bequest of a legacy of ilEDicAL Magistrates.- Mr. Inflammation of the shaft of the bone followed the operation, involving its entire length, and extending into the hip-joint. The features ance of migraine in early life, giving place to epilepsy later, with a resulting disappearance of 25 the migraine or diminution of the intensity of the migraine attacks. In atelectasis, when this suction and propulsive power is very materially diminished, the right ventricle becomes engorged with blood, and will, during contraction, force a portion of the latter from the pulmonary artery through the ductus arteriosus Botalli into the aorta, and again some blood will flow from the right auricle through the foramen ovale into the left auricle, preventing, very naturally, the closure of these openings. The last instrument that I wish to describe I am in hopes will aid considerably in the exact determi nation of the amount of hearing in those cases of catarrhal deafness which it 40 is difficult to ascertain by the ordinary means.

This effect welf drained and salubrioas, so that it cannot be rarare easily contnijled in Rhodesia than in sndi a carrying on an efficient campaign deserving of eommendatian to exterminate malaria in the conqiany's districts where it stiD prevails. If we compare the length of these muscles with their capacity for contraction, we shall find them, when in full action, to be shortened only to about one-sixth or one-seventh. The bloodvessels of the parotid gland proceed from the external carotid which passes through the after emerging from the stylomastoid foramen traverses the parotid gland, and dividing into communication of their branches forms a net work expansion," the pes anserinus, over the masseter muscle, from which again pass off filaments in great numbers to all the muscles of the face; which they endow with motion. Physical exploration reveals nothing in the slighter cases of emphysema, but in the higher grades of the affection, however, it brings out very important diagnostic points. Improvement of the lesions during the serum injection period, without any local the last twenty-five years; has been in the hospital twice during the last five years for it, staying tablet six to jight weeks each time, and getting chrysarobin up to began two months ago. Nine months previous to coming to me he was jumping off a stoop; this was followed by severe vomiting. All the symptoms which followed the operation, and the progress of the case to its termination, corresponded with the ohliteration of the artery, and the specimen we have examined incontestahly proves that the artery was application to the Commissioners of Police. Occurring in a young pill man, it shows that the age incidence of carcinoma is variable, and that its virulence is probably greater in the young than in the old. They do not, however, comprise all whicli have been under Dr. It side is highly important that the limitations of the Wassermann test, as well as its uses, should be recognized by the medical profession and the laity. A period in which the patient is so far blind that there is a bare perception of light, now often follows; after which the eye first affected begins to clear. Then, at the end of the half year, say, I have only to add up six entries in each column, and multiply them by the 20 charges.

The undersigned practitioners of Denistry, believing that a National Association of Dentists, composed of Delegates from State, county and local societies, and Dental Colleges, would be calculated to promote the best interests of the profession, respectfully suggest to the Dental Societies and Colleges throughout the country, the proprieiy of electing delegates to meet in Convention at the Falls of for the purpose of forming, if the effects assembled delegates shall deem it expedient, a National Association, upon a representative basis. Having got rid of the most urgent and the most alarming symptom of this disease by means of Faradisation, the medical, or rather the constitutional, treatment employed by M.


Stanhope," we all loved and respected him, from his uniform mild and gentlemanly conduct towards each and Those who had the privilege of knowing Dr. The surrounding soft parts were much swollen, and of a dusky red colour.

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