Many of the conditions were no doubt recognized by those who listened to the paper as identical, in some features at least, with those which we encountered in the earliest days of the advent of the troops in Porto Rico. The patient now calls that his" good" knee whereas it formerly in was the most troublesome. He was kept quiet and given enemata of normal salt solution, one pint every four hours, if awake, and nothing was allowed by mouth: hindi. This intrauterine electrode is connected with the positive pole when hemorrhagic conditions are to be treated, and the negative in all other states; it is introduced with great care, and all force avoided. The bowels moved natal twelve hours after the operation. The contents will chiefly, as heretofore, be on the laws of health, of disease, and the abuses of domestic life; but as there has been a very marked and extraordinary improvement in the medical press, and there are now numerous writers, of acknowledged merit, especially at the West and North, on the great principles of rational medicine, we shall from time to time make such abstracts of their productions as may interest our medical readers. Formal requisitions on the regulation blanks approved by the Chief Surgeon of the Army Corps are required in such cases. It should be remembered that all the micro-organisms entering into causal relations with pneumonia produce, as the result of their activities, the same toxemia, the same septic conditions, and the same serous, purulent or fibrinous exudates (o-cebran). This concern is increased by the lack of communication between regulators and clinicians.


The mechanical law was quite clear that the amount of cfFectual force was as the cosine of the angle of the force against the pubis was as the sine 200 of that angle. A.'s Lager, or his description. Brinckerhoff and Tyzzer describe them as follows: I.

The case was taken before the law of courts, and notwithstanding the lady's counsel plead the desertion of her by her first husband in the act of burial, the court adjudged her to be his wife, and ordered that she be given up to him. Although the placenta adhered to the uterus, at the points where these vessels entered it, more firmly zebrano than in other situations, their texture was so delicate that it separated even here without the employment of much force. To render the action constant, crystals of sulphate of copper are kept in a basket suspended in the copper solution, thus maintaining the solution at the point of saturation. Biett, who advocates the employm.ent of arsenic more ON THE EMPLOYMENT OF ARSENIC IN THE lis to commence with three drops of the sohition every morning before breakJast, and to augment this, every fifth or sixth day, by two or three drops, until twelve or fifteen were taken daily; more than this, he says, should not be administered, and it may be expedient to interrupt the use of the medicine, in these doses, from time to time, Rayer recommends doses of from four to five drops daily, to be gradually increased until the patient takes fifteen drops in four divided doses. In this position, they are not in accord with the majority of operators of France and America nor does the mortality of the high operation, whether taken in general or regarded from the point of view of the best records that have been shown by the most successful of those who habitually practice it, show so low a death-rate as that which attends the perineal operations when regarded from the same grounds: uses.

He advocates the use of the peculiar" ante version pessary" which bears his name. Cushing has had at the Johns COUNTRY BRANCH OF THE NEW YORK The feature of most interest in the Thirtyseventh Year Book of the New York Orthopedic Dispensary and Hospital, just issued, is the account iv given of the new country branch of the institution.

The skin not covered by the growths is either normal or changed, the changed skin being wrinkled, dry, atrophied, darkened in colour, and covered "o-cebran-tn" by a thin epidermis, as if from an extensive superficial cicatrix, the traces most probably of former growths. In the meantime the optimism of the world which unknowingly assumes that medical science can rise above natural law and correct any and all excesses of individuals and communities must be met by a better education in natural science rather than abandoned to the manipulations of the charlatans of physical and Passing now to the more obvious external conditions which have tended to stimulate medical research, we may single out a few which have been of special importance: celebrando. But they have another advantage.

Sparks should be drawn from the affected area or region. No pain in the pit of the stomach; has slept but little; feels a slight pain across the forebead, and" wandering;" the skin is hot and perspiring freely; the vomiting has not returned since yesterday; she is still thirsty, and has a little appetite; no soreness of the throat now; bowels opened once freely; the evacuation very dark, watery, andfoetid,; the has had no headache, but feels faint and giddy on the least movement; has a feelu)g of constriction across the chest, and the breathing is rather short; has a little cough, and expectorates a considerable quantity of greenish down the right side, and when she moves she has a very sharj) pain in the left hypochondriac region, which is very tender to the touch, and the whole abdomen is more or less tender on jiressure: the pain in the left oz side seems to be superficial; it w;is not increased in any direction, but they are weak in common with the rest of the body.

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