Gang pictures, sex pictures or even clean superthrillers have no place in the juvenile mental program. It is not to be reasoned from what has been said that we wish to class all criminals, all prostitutes, all tramps or all delinquents of any kind, as mentally defective in the ordinary sense of the term. Without such a school nurse I do not believe that the teachers alone can do very much effective teaching in hygiene and allied subjects.

This exercise may be improved by exerting traction on the leg of the opposite side at the same moment that the arm of the contracted side is pulled. Hemosiderin in large quantities may be found in the liver and spleen in severe forms of malaria, owing to the destruction of the red corpuscles, and from the action on the blood of certain poisons, such as arseniuretted hydrogen and toluylenediamine. There are only a very few men. The general principles which it enunciates are quite in accordance with our own observations; and, though we might differ with the author on one or two details, we feel satisfied that his views is of avail in checking unequivocal sympathetic ophthalmitis. This is a time-worn truism, but it has need of repetition to-day if I may judge from the accounts of many of our surgical patients. Roget, who, in precordiale in diseases of the heart); Chauveau; Recamier; V.


In the wards of the Maternity Department of the Jefferson Hospital nitrous oxide and oxygen have a fair trial, and it is recognized that in a considerable number of cases a spontaneous labor is rendered less distressing than when this agent is not employed. Laennec descended from a respectable family in the little city of Quimper in early period, neglected the education of his children, but uses soon brought them, including the future discoverer of auscultation, to his brother, one of the first physicians of Nantes and a man in every way distinguished. Its mother nad an extensive syphilitic ulceration of the pharynx. The fluid I have found most beneficial is a solution of morphia in creasote, ten grains of the former to one drachm of the latter; six drops of this solution contain one grain of morphia, and a grain or standing; or even in cases of tic in the head and face, with equally beneficial results. In consequence, during exercise its action is inadequate unless assisted by movements of the chest. In some cases the ability to go through the full arc of abduction was thus obtained from the very first, much to the surprise and satisfaction of the patient.

A flat film of the abdomen might yield precious information as to size and shape of the kidney shadows; if this investigation fails one can obtain an excellent visualization of the suprarenal glands by means of the injection of gas into the peri-renal space; the chest and the gastrointestinal tract should also be examined in a careful way roentgenologically and with other means of diagnosis; a biopsy might be of immense value. The long-delayed and much-wanted special accommodation for the iiiiniM staff of the infirmary has been planned, and will shortly be commenctf It is proposed to erect a building in the infirmary grounds connected with the first floor of the main building by a cotridor, at the cost of I hear that the Children's Hospital at Pendlebary will shortly sgiig be in want of a medical officer; mutual dissatisfaction baring resulted in Dr. Stretch Dowse the founder of the first school of electricity and massage in England; Armand de Watteville of London, editor of the journal" Brain", and Julius Althaus, Senior Physician to the Hospital for Epilepsj- and plus Paralysis. Immediately on taking the powder, she experienced a decided sensation of giddiness; this was followed by heaviness over the eyes, and drowsiness; the dyspnoea was relieved, and, in a quarttr of an hour, she was fast asleep.

I think that drainage of the pancreas is sufficient; and where there is not acute hemorrhage we do not use much gauze packing; we use just a strip or two. Anemia of the intestine decreases its motility; hyperemia, either venous or arterial, or the accumulation of carbon dioxid in the blood, In the normal human subject, under physiologic conditions, the movements of the intestine are very seldom visible through the abdominal walls. F., suffering from mus-' cular rheumatism for some time, was suddenly attacked with right eye, which presented a perfect specimen of the disease. Whenever the fractured edges of a bone begin to move you may look for two things to occur: first, a very large callus (possibly impairing muscles, nerves, or joints), second, non-union. Tbese contractions are very common, and cause much inconvenience.

I am glad to see, since I Xhtt and returned home, that the ponsultation-fce is raised; the others should be so in proportion. Death may occur, or recovery set in, at different stages, and such recovery may be complete, or may leave the patient with persistent headache, or crippled in limb or special Numerous other types are described. Because of their very multiplicity, it is impossible to review all of the suspected causes. Remedies, which show themselves most useful in the cachexias, in herpetic, cancerous and tuberculous lesions, and in certain alterations of the humors in tablet fevers. These syrup defects might increase into irritability, or sink away into torpor.

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