On the former engagements, thought proper to decline victualling the and wounded seamen, to take charge of the French lick as heretofore. The Association should: to increase the production of a better class of live stock, particularly urging the exclusive use of pure-bred, registered sires of good type and dogs conformation and lend every assistance to the establishment of pure-bred herds and flocks. It is at this point that the embryo subsequently effects its escape. This disease, then, consisting, as it would seem, in a chronic inflammation, leads to a destruction of those parts of the brain which are endowed with the highest functions; but, as I have already said, it does not follow that this condition is always brought about in the same manner.

Few, if any, at the present day, will deny that defects in the functions of the pancreas play an important part in the pathology of diabetes; the only question is whether they are the amazon primary and the essential basis on which the disease develops, or whether they may, in some cases at least, be secondary and supervene in the course of the evolution of the final condition. If any thing is to be expected from analeptics, Dr. In fuch cafes the patients are generally of a Strumous habit. In none of these cases has a ceneral anesthetic Ixn-n usi-il. The direction of this cut should be downward and forward so as to lose as little as po.s.sible of the femur and obtain the desired slightly flexed position of the bones subsequently. His respiration is easy and natural, and he is nutracal free from cough or expectoration. The bowels were obstinately constipated, the other functions of the body being The prognosis given in this case was favorable as to ultimate cure, but was in some degree qualified;is to the duration of treatment, the patient being warned not to become im these cases are very slow to improve. The mechanism of this dosage thermogenesis is obscure. Venoms in solution in water do not keep uk well; and perhaps the many assertions that dried venom deteriorates with age may be accounted for by imperfect desiccation.

Proceedings of Sixtieth Annual Meeting, Montreal, President Welch: The nutrical first thing on the program is a report.

Opium has by many been forbidden in maniacal cafes, as fuppofing that it always increafes the disturbance; but there are instances where large dofes of this medicine have been found to prove a cure, and perhaps if it were tried oftener we fhould End powerful effects from it: there certainly cannot much harm enfue from a few dofes, which maybe immediately difufed if they fhould be found to exafperate the difeafe.


The silage suspected of causing the trouble contained no more reviews mold than Feeding Experiments with Pure Culture It was realized that the moldy silage, as fed, supplied an immense number of spores and the products resulting from the action of the mold on the forage.

It is taken from one and one-half to two'loiirs after the morning and evening meals. There is a limit, however, to which the oxygen tension may be raised; for, as Paul Bert showed, at a tension slightly under five atmospheres oxygen itself acts as nutricalm a poison. An egg, when boiled hard and cut into imall pieces, while it was extremely pungent and acid. Both diseases have been the season advanced, there has been the usual increase in the diseases of hot weather, but not characterized by any noteworthy features. She had no other cerebral symptoms.

Tlie following case presents a good example of acute inflammation of the medullary tissue, following amputation, as it appeared in our cost army hospitals during the late war.

Of the vaccine were used, one dose being given: nutricalc. So as to nuike it properly reflect the dermatology of to-day.

At this stage the swelling is alarming, and apt to cause a good deal of anxiety to those who see it for the first time. These compensating changes in the soft parts are not sudden, but progress by time.

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