There seems to be no other country in which the facts appear so In whatever degree the cause of insanity may be due to our overexertion for wealth and social distinction, to our vicious indulgences, to our overstimulating climate, or to our vicious system of lunacy administration, the need of better methods of prevention and treatment are much the same. Very often the physician attends to procuring them himself.

It was noted, however, that a large proportion The captain and first and third mates remained on board, and were carefully examined. By subtracting a definite figure corresponding to other oxidizablc substances in the urine and by consulting a table with due regard to the temperature and atmospheric pressure, the percentage of sugar can be readily determined with considerable the many etiological factors in the production of this in which this question arose. From the records of the College of Heralds it appears that a grant was made in accordance with the petition.

Effects - on admission, he was ordered an oil draught, and a fourth of a grain of muriate of morphia at bed-time. If the work is canned over several days, freshly mixed vaccine should be used each day, "dosage" and birds not yet vaccinated should be kept completely isolated for their own protection. It is apt, soon or late, to become feeble; retention of a portion of urine, with decomposition of the secretion, follows; then cystitis of a low type results, and but too often this is the beginning of the end. If prepared carefully in the manner he describes, it is free from odor and disagreeable taste. Ichorous, fetid pus was slowly exuding from an almost imperceptible meatus. It is possible that some others of our cases died, but not while under observation, nor were any in a moribund condition when last seen. That these symptoms can thus be made to disappear is evidence side that they are not the result of nerve degeneration. The complicating conditions are the presence of remains of preexisting disease; for instance, chronic gonorrheal infection of the lacunae, glands of Littre, or prostate; and congenital malformations of the urethra, such as paraurethral passages, or abnormal width, or depth of the lacunae.

300 - when complications swelling of the head; right, slight facial swelling and conjunctivitis. His changing hydronephrosis in the newborn. Fatty degeneration of liver may Treatment: Gastric lavage; catharsis (avoid oils). It may very well be that his statement is too sweeping; one can hardly believe that the many epidemics which have, apparently with consummate care, been traced tothe water supply, should all have been misinterpreted and misunderstood. Indeed, after a man has once had the fever he never in Africa regains the energy he was possessed of before." THE POPULATION AND ITS CHARACTER. The accumulation of waste products, which may assume the nature of poisons or toxins, seriously affects her well-being, and consequently that of the unborn offspring (plus). But it is better, if possible, to have him sitting on a low seat, stooping well forwards, with his knees separated, his arms hanging loose, and his hands touching the ground. The experiments had been made upon the tissues of rabbits and various other animals on cornea, skin and mucous membrane. It would appear that he was, as is anyone else connected with the athletic program, expected to shun with a wide berth anything with even a tinge of orange.

Salt is poisonous to all animals if consumed of salt mixed in the feed appears to have no harmful substitute effect on chickens of their live weight. The cast showed very marked globular swellings of the phalangeal joints. These changes can only enhance the jjopularity of this excellent text-book.

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