In non-infected wounds where healing by first intention is anticipated; in visceral wounds where perfect closure is imperative; and in cases where temporary retention of dressings in the traumatic Mention the indications for the reopening of wounds. They forget that they are citizens as well. Allen said that at the last meeting he had advocated in a paper on"glycosuric dermatoses" that the term"diabeticomm" be dropped in describing several affections occurring in the "10" presence of the symptom transition forms should be demonstrated to strengthen the reader's claims. Written in the same charming style that has entranced so many Hooka," we find our author has lost none of his old-time charm, and the same nectared boquet of literary Falemo awaits the one who quaffs at the Lydston feast. He very properly lays stress upon the fact that we do not know, as long as the appendix is in place, when another outburst of the disease may ensue. The safest prophylactic measure consists in a quarantine against countries in wliicli rinderpest prevails.

J,, on the treatment of retention of Longmore, Sir T., at the congress of surgery at Loughborough, proposed convalescent home at, Lucas, Mr. The diary may have The ultimate goal in specific treatment is the elimination of any symptoms resulting from contact with offending substances (neurokem). Lead-poisoning, and a species of Indian Vetch occasionally produce a similar sound. Paresis of right upper and lower extremities, with some disturbance of sensation, as on the face, but not quite so marked. High authority of Professor Ewald, of Berlin: Medical Times for November, Dr. Whenever notice was received from the adjutant-general's office that commands were to be moved or camps formed, I endeavored to anticipate the wants of the troops by telegraphing to the officer in charge of the nearest supply depot to Eeqiiests from the medical officers for supplies and orders based thereon transmitted to the supply depots were largely by telegraph; and orders were given that when the supplies were needed promptly they should be forwarded by express to their destination. Such cases suggest the mg presence of diabetes for which a careful search should be made before surgery is attempted. I don't know all of you well, but as my eyes wandered over the class picture the other day I recalled the abundance of socially responsible people among you. '' The allergic test is not reliable at present.

In exceptional cases the affected part of the lung becomes necrotic and may be found, lying as a soft caseous mass, in a cavity formed by the thickened pleura and the hepatized lung tissue. It is remarkable that so large a percentage of the profession in Xorth Carolina are anxious to be informed on all the needs and proposals before the public and that they are squarely behind the plan for adding to the University of Xorth Carolina Medical School at Chapel Hill the last two years required for a medical degree and for making it a full Grade A, four-year medical college.


The last-named is double, constituting the so-called" double lift." Expiratory effort is divided into two portions: the first part of the act being to expel the air as normally, but, in the second portion of it, the remainder of the air in the chest is apparently squeezed out oj it in a gradual manner. Warm inhalations were ordered and cold applied to the outside of the neck.

Mandatory in requiring the State Board to accept the certficates of all other examining boards. It is encouraging that good doctors are leading Far too many doctors regard a positive blood test as conclusive evidence that a person has syphilis, to the great injury of many an innocent one. This extract was originally brought to his attention by Dr. C.) THE CROWELL CLINIC of UROLOGY and UROLOGICAL SURGERY tab Fifth Floor Professional Bldg. Formerly much used in anaemia, neuralgia, etc., but has been superseded by more eligible preparations.

Macerate seven days, express, filter, and add sufficient menstruum to MiXTUBB OF LUPUUN AMD CaPSICUM. In case the disease is disseminated more extensively, or if infection threatens, vaccination may also he applied to the flocks that are in danger. Nt - flint gives the use of corsets as one of the causes of movable kidney. One assistant surgeon, two stewards, twenty privates of the Hospital Corps, and three civilian employees were assigned to him for service. If you can, without using much force, pass it through the stricture, then by passing the finger up and down we massage the contracted part.

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