If this cannot be controlled by a suitable diet and the administration of alkalies, then belladonna, atropin hypodermically or silver nitrate may be given to decrease the secretion. In fact, during the reign of King James I of England considerable attention was attracted by legal action brought against a goldsmith for having sold a hundred pounds' worth of counterfeit bezoar stones.


One hundred antiseptic and at the same time a directly healing effect on the diseased mucous membrane (effects). In Btudying pleurisy with ell'usion, in addition to his clinical results, Moussous e.xperimcnted on artificial effusions in the cadaver. Still another form of faith healing is the"appliance cure." Among historical examples are the"childbirth bed" and"rheumatism chair" of Cagliostro and the cramp rings of Henry VIII, but especially Perkins's"tractors," which had their vogue soon after the Revolutionary War. It has also been used as an application to indolent C, Pegru'. Lavoisier, both carbon and water; the for having discovered the composition mer in a gaseous, yet unconibined of carbonic acid, inferred from all state, but becoming carbonic acid the facts, that the principal dif- when united with the oxygen of ference between arterial and ve- the air in the vesicles of the lungs, nous blood, consists in the latter A different view was taken by possessing a quantity of the last La Grange, who conceived that mentioned substance, which it the oxygen enters the blood, and throws off in the lungs, whereby forms a loose combination with it, the blood becomes decarbonized. Ing through the other wards, but in the First Division they must pass through five wards before reaching the sick-room beyond.

For lack of any positive evidence to the contrary it is supposed that these bowlders originated in the underlying conglomerate and had worked loose from the matrix on weathering and The descent from the divide to the Agusan Kiver was made along the bed of Banglag Creek. These granules were not dislodged or thrown off by violent movement of the spirochaete. Too rapid aspiration or the withdrawal of too much fluid, apparently increased the danger of subsequent side pulmonary oedema. He advocated that more attention be paid to dissection, and to the demonstration of already dissected parts to small classes of students. No longer can we hark back to pg the good old days.

The patient says he had similar attacks to this one, wheu eleven and fourteen years old. Clonseqiiently, it is necessary, in experimenting with materials that have of cultures. The interior presents muscuK pectinati. After the libellous newspaper drawings that have appeared in connection with the Prendergast trial we are glad to present a likeness of Professor Brower that his friends can recognize.

Paton held that there was no proof to show that such a fibril originated within the cell, and until such proof can be brought forward we have no right to consider that each nerve-cell is independent of all others. Tears and saliva are essentially the same sort of secretion, but one is shed for tender emotions and the other is spat in derision.

To establish or disestablish a tentative diagnosis of primary pulmonary malignancy: 75. Routh recommends tlie following remedies: Put a teaspoonful of borax into a jiint bottle of not water, add T) drops of oil of peppermint, and shake well. In Africa the brown races are represented by the Berber and Semitic and many others; in India by the E'ajpoots and Brahmans; in Persia by the Brown, B.Obert. The murmur to-day was heard most distinctly over the base of the heart, and was transmitted to the of which was aggravated by damp weather, and in the winter.

Strong cold sulphuric acid converts it into an adhesive substance, soluble in water, and having the characters of dextrin.

A disease said to be prevalent among dissolute Abyssinian women, characterised by severe paroxysms of a cataleptic character. The bronchi are composed of an elastic framework of cartilaginous bands, surrounding the tube in front and at the sides, but wanting behind, united to each other, and the tube completed behind by an extensible fibrous membrane, which encloses at that part a layer of uustriped muscular fibre and longitudinal bundles of elastic tissue. Its incubatory period is five or six days. At the autopsy, heart- lesions and kidney- lesions were present. All were negative except in one case in which citrated blood containing parasites was injected. Drew, if this were the only species of quackery in the community. Formerly it was believed to be more severe in males than in females. Encephaloid cancer, and its haematoid form. The cavity contained thick pus with large ma.sses of necrotic tissue; the linger could be pushed far backward into what appeared to be a freely, healed slowly by granulation, and the patient lelt the"Die ICrliranliuDgiai dea Pankreas; Nottanigel's Sp. I think I have seen two or three of these lesions in cases that Dr (composition).

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