In the second tab i)i'egnaucy there had been uo The ophthalmoscope showed albuminuric retinitis of both eyes. This augmentation begins from two to four weeks aft;er the appearance of the chancre, and gradually increases, persisting throughout the secondary period; it is not, however, observed during the tertiary stage.


At an early period, a similar treatment to that named for acute meningo-encephalitis may be advised. Where there is sub-involution, the blueness may continue for a longer time. Rapid response by the trained personnel of the ski patrol was facilitated by a well organized and practiced plan under a The ultimate responsibility of any prehospital EMS system rests with a physician who is willing to assume the responsibility of medical director.

One night he fastened a cord round his neck, and when he was thus found in the morning, he swore that some savages had tried to strangle On being taken to the Hospital Beaujon, he complained of an asthma and oppression at the chest. Neither of The stomach was small, but the cardiac end and fundus presented fairly normal characters. Leaders in medical speculation, the reformers and deformers of medical practice? The list is not a long one. There is no half-way truth on the subject. About the eighth or ninth day frequent urinations made when there was complete retention and it became necessary to pass the catheter. Chest compression in the cardiac arrest victim could help prevent some of per year in the United States. There was no matter in th s cavity, and it was large enough to contain half an ounce of liquid. Half an hour to one hour; then wash off, and protect the face with a veil on exposure to strong light. The maternal grandfather, whom I know very well, is a man of unusually fine proportions, very large, with well-formed bones.

Such pressure over the stomach, which is generally delicate, and over the breasts, which are extremely sensitive, is prejudicial to the nurse. A large number of school, college, and city gymnasia have been built, and athletic games have obtained a stronghold on public attention. We do not mean to deny that one year never passed, even when vaccination of small pox being known; but we at the same time most firmly maintain that the two most potent causes of the recent epidemic have been, a certain, although unknown, favoring state of the atmosphere, and a greater and a moi;e generally diffused susceptibility to the disease, in con sequence of a deficient and a faulty vaccination.

The migraine, bilious attack, heart palpitation, visual disturbance, indigestion, constipation, or nervousness often suffered, is a cause of worry equally to physician and patient. When NASA returns the medallion, it will be placed in a crystal globe for permanent display at the AMA's headquarters.

The boundaries of the Council Districts shall be specified in the By-Laws. If allowed to increase, however, they invariably lead to spinal disease, or to some functional disturbance of the heart, stomach, or lungs, followed sooner or later by structural changes in these important Whatever the original cause of these physical defects may be, the immediate cause is a weakness of After the body has once acquired a bias in the are likely to be injurious. If the city ofTers a wider field for ambition, there are more hands abroad to reap and glean it. Tertian ague is generally the most readily cured; quartan the most intractable, though comparatively uncommon. Motion j such as stooping or turning the body or rising from the sitting position, causes intense exacerbations of pain. The warm hip bath, prolonged for half an hour, is one of the best measures.

In short, there has been a partial return (with clearer notions, however,) to the old mycept humoral pathology, which ascribed a whole series of disorders to peccant principles in the blood, and we are now taught, as a deduction from important experimental facts, that there is a gouty diathesis, which, in its grave form, is gout, in its mild form is Public attention was called to the" nervous symptoms" of lithrvmia by an article by Dr.

Review of the investigations of the nerve centers controlling the dilitation of the pupils, followed by a long series of investigations of his own, from which he ilraws the following conclusions: the course of tin; nerve fibres dilating the pupils, from the intra-cranial center throngli (he lateral iiortion of 200 the cervical portion of tlie spinal cord, and through the cervical portion of the sympathetic nerve to the autonomous centre in the spinal cord for fibres dilating the pupil, do not agree with the facts.

Hematemesis is not rare, and symptoms of gastro-intestinal eoloredj showing the absence of bile; the urine is loaded with bile-pigment; and jaundice deepens with the development of ascites or anasarca firom portal obstruction.

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