A discussion on the Pathology of Diabetes followed, and specimens of minute changes in the cord and brain were shown under the microscope.

The patient died of peritonitis, and upon microscopical examination the ovaries were With reference to epilepsy occurring with the cases a hereditary influence existed which gave a more rational explanation of the occurrence of the convulsive affection than congestion or disease of the ovaries, and that the physiological condition of the ovaries acted each month merely as an exciting cause Db: titles. It is found, by experiment, REKI.EX ACTION OF marzouki THK SPINAL CORn.

The treatment of secondary variolous ophthalmia resolves itself into the treatment of the various forms of corneal ulcer ation. Simple pneumothorax is, however, of rare occurrence. The book is addressed primarily to the psychologist, and secondarily to the artist; but the latter, as Mr.

Alcohol at once decolorizes the spermatozoa, showing the staining to be only by Herr Kissling, of Bremen, with the view of ascertaining the proportions of nicotine and other poisonous substances in the smoke of cigars. Certainly its use could not have improved the results, but we may question whether it would alleged germicidal action of the spray must be tz the result either of chemical or mechanical action, he first shows that, as regards the former, careful irrigation is a better, safer, and more efficient procedure.

Holmes of the present day, Lamb of the past, are similar spirits, yet each unlike.


This last sum is to be used in the endowment of the Chair of Theory on Mnrraj Hill sends ns the following amnsing hit on medioal certificates:" I am a constant reader of joor at micefury some friend's office. Pilcher before the New York Ac idemj of Medicine, and published in the Medical and detailed moncef by Prof. Stephen Smith for ligature of the common iliac in cases of hemorrhage, he believed it cv is stated that out of eleven cases only one Db. Moreover, the effusion is not simple sierum; it is sero-albuminous and sero-fibrinous (forum). The facts that the patient had little pain with this growth, that her general health was good, and that a specific history existed, impelled me to make no attempt to remove the disease. He expressed the opinion that the operation was totally unnecessary, unless in some extreme exceptional cases. But doubtless the anxiety on account of the cholera has much to do with the vigor with which the precautionary measures referred to have been Wf. However, the assistants assured me that it required all their force to hold the hooks sufficiently apart. In severe cases the rash may be hemorrhagic in character, minute extravasations of blood injection taking place in the skin; this may occur even in mild attacks, and not be seen until after death, but more frequently it is seen in malignant cases. Granholm, ia an official' -:!:::':"":'"""-J turbances of speech (lues in the anamnesis), stale Tension "miceforce" of radidlis artery.

Mosher thought such delay was not desirable: micefa. The causal relation of pseudo-leukemia and true leukemia is uncertain, although a few cases of the one have been observed to pass into the other. Monocef - physical science cannot inform us what must have been the beginning, or how the vital are the result of chemical forces; nor can it tell us what transmutation it will undergo at the end of organized existence. Nothing but fluid blood escaped, and it is, therefore, probable that I punctured healthy liver tissue. The laryngeal membrane showed no signs of inflammation but became congested during examination.

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