It was found to be as large as the end effects of his thumb, and but slightly masticated.

It was therefore thought best to resect the injured portion of bowel. Here we have lesions of various ages, but always the characteristic fibrous tissue, containing more or less widely scattered cheesy foci, or in more recent cases non-cheesy tubercular tissue.

Louis, MO, Arbor, MI, one year; orthopedic surgery residency, elected by Coast Counties Medical Society. The author's object of presenting a concise practical manual has prevented the record of many personal cases or illustrative instances.

Such a method of teaching is, of course, not universally applicable.


Separating the anterior from the posterior ingredients chamber. The development of the muscles of the trunk is one of the most essential things to be accomplished in the treatment of disorders peculiar to women. Watson has thought that it co-operated with other means, in diminishing the frequency and severity of the asthmatic paroxysms. The beautiful proportions of the Venus de Milo, universally conceded to be the finest model of a mature woman's figure which art has cent of the height, little less than the chest measurement taken at the armpits. A solution of continuity i a boney Osteoc'lasis (information). ADHE'SIVE INFLAMMATIOiV is that inflammation which terminates by an adhesion between inflained and separated surfaces: migralgine. The Interior of the factory Is painted In cbeerfnl colors, extra windows were made to give light, forced ventilation to afford plenty exhaust fans. "An incision was made through the rectus and cruraeus muscles to the base of the tumor, on the side most remote from the knee-joint. It has no gieat power of penetration and Fulton thinks that a desideratum.

In exceptional cases, when this does not succeed, a bunch of muscle near the internal abdominal ring is picked up with a blunt hook and drawn upon, while an assistant places a finger against the cervix in the vagina and observes whether a corresponding motion is imparted to the uterus. If this precaution is not taken, the effect of the exercise may be to increase the displacement, or deformity. Manuscripts are received with the understanding that they are not under simultaneous consideration by any other publication and have not been previously published. The retina was completely detached from the choroid coat and the gliomatous masses had proliferated on the external surface of the retina. The first man to discover that this was not the case was that singularly accurate observer, Antony de Haen; but even after he had shown that the lungs, examined post mortem, were to all appearance sound, free from all ulceration, and yielding not a drop of pus on section, yet matters were not much advanced for practical medicine, because the diagnosis could not be made during life. The image or representation of an object in the mind; from uSu,' I see.' Ide'a, side Fixed or Pxiedom'inant, Fdea fixa, Ideopeg'ma. I have not as yet been convinced of there being any great therapeutic effect in this serum, still I think it is a lead which is well worth following. In the treatment the use of antitoxin serum offered the risk of over-toxicity, from additional toxin or systemic impairment, and from invalidation of the centres; monosulphide of calcium had been given in three-quarter grain doses every half-hour for a period of thirty-six hours to children, with the best of results. The vermiform appendix, not subjected to the peristalsis which in violent diarrhea may empty the cecum and colon, may serve to maintain the culture of colon bacillus peculiar to the body.

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