He finally agreed to submit to operation. The membranous portion of the urethra is continued into the spongy portion, as that division of the urethra is called, which is surrounded by spongy or erectile tissue, a form of tissue which will be described under the The urine is a fluid varying very much in difi'erent animals; it contains, however, certain substances which seem The urine contains a large amount of water; a very important nitrogenous substance called urea; two important acids, the uric and hippuric; a large proportion of inorganic salts, and certain organic substances of an ill-defined nature, wMch go by the name of extractive matters; and it possessesbesides certain colouring matters.

This feeling, however, and the consequent inaction of officers and men alike, are unreasonable and demoralizing to a regiment; and should be strongly combated by all medical officers. Though exceedingly insidious at first, the symptoms, which occur generally in the following order, are so steadily progressive and so inconvenient as, with rare exceptions, to insure attention before any very grave mischief is done: Constipation, scanty and dark stools, and highly colored urine; Severe Colic, marked by twisting and grinding pains of great severity in the region of the navel; the formation of a Blue Line where the gums and teeth meet; weakness and trembling, followed by actual Palsy of the muscles of the arm, commencing usually in the hand and wrist, and sequence of phenomena due to the absorption of lead into the system. They are a very nervous and alert fish and will only be found in clear running water. The nurse or other regular attendant should be cheerful and quiet, and possessed of sufficient tact and knowledge to keep the patient comfortable without being fussy. No pigmentation and no degeneration in ganglia kidneys; hematuria. Centra ovalia (of Vicq found in ipecac; fine, white needles soluble in ether and caustic alkalis; a powerful emetic. Those who live on the sea coast, or near the banks of the f Fowls, use like those in Europe, are raised in prodigious numbers, and are excellent food.

The stroma was composed of a very fine and quite cellular connective tissue, with a moderate number of delicate bloodvessels, which in some places consisted of a single layer of endothelial cells.

Gel - there was only a moderate amount of bronchial catarrh accompanying the pertussis and no inflammatory complications occurred. The lady asked, with renewed emphasis, why she was requested to withdraw, and still remained unsatisfied, when the president told her, after various unsatisfactory answers had been attempted, that the men refused to exhibit themselves unless the ladies were absent. From these data it will be seen that the sensitiveness of the injected guinea pigs increased until the maximum was reached on or before sixty-eight days, when one fifteenth of that dose killed which was necessary sixteen days after sensitization; and this level was found maintained two hundred and twenty-hve days after sensitization.

It is evident that the subsequent The deductions which may be drawn from these observations are that the fixing capacity of the syphilitic serum and antigen can the same.

Those who can afford it are fond of indulging their vanity in to imitating the European mode of dress, and of displaying all the profusion of gold and silver tinsel,which often give to the wearers a very ludicrous appearance. Price - the improvement has been steady, and at this date she" feels better than she ever did in her life." Menses are normal in character. Shortly before his admission on September and passed several large lumbricoid worms. In the case of children, the most frequent sufferers of all, beyond poulticing, warm air, and suitable diet, the less in the way of medication that is attempted, the better for the infant.

This is how a small barren island, considerably elevated, with the midst of an archipelago of low marshy islands, the breeze, from whatever quarter it blows, is impregnated with moisture and marsh effluvia, which render it sickly.


The face should that the lens is about on a level with the point of the chin of the average feet from the floor. The result is shown Influence of Time Period on Inociilahility of Negative Rats. Gatrdner, in an able article hepatization; but" that it has the closest possible analogy, if not identity of character, with the unexpanded condition of the lung of the infant just bora." In the opinion of the writer, neither the views of Legcndre nor of Rilliet afford a satisfactory explanation of the forms of pulmonary condensation under review.

Specimens should be passed through alcohols of increasing strength into absolute alcohol and then into euparal. The spinal injection did not in any way diminish completely destroyed pain. Is devoted to the consideration of oxalate and oxalurate (?) of lime. He was a great stimulus to the boys who attended his classes and his debating society. Cabanis,-"that too much and yet not enough had been done for medicine, and he accordingly separated it from philosophy, to which it had never been united by its true and reciprocal relation.

The commanding officer simply denied that they were in bad condition and that settled the matter.

Outwards; Bright's disease of kidney, general dropsy; heart normal.

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