The dyspepsia may, indeed, be a neurosis.

Sensibility to touch, pain, and temperature will not in all probability be abolished, but the patient may complain that a touch with cotton-wool, or the sensation produced by dragging the point of the pin gently over the skin, is abnormal over certain parts of the affected limb. Large quantities of food ingested often od show a direct relation to the albuminuria, because the amount of blood going to the kidneys is increased. We have seen that all degrees of severity of the muscular contractions are met with; and not only may the most grotesque grimaces be constantly occurring, but the ocular muscles may be involved, the eyes turning concomitantly with the head and preserving their parallelism or resulting in squint when the degrees of spasm in the muscles of the two eyes are unequal. Harold Philips (CMA) Hospitals: Districts; Constitutionality of the Local Hospital District Law (MJ) Insulin, Improved Forms of: Advantages of Modified Protamine Zinc Insulin, by Cyril AL MacBryde, Los Malpractice: Degree of Skill Required of a Surgeon; Malpractice: Sufficiency of Evidence from Which a Jury Most Unphysiological Period of Life, The, by Edward Narcotics Across National Borders, Rule on Carrying Neurology, Recent Advances in, by Charles D. In some cases, lesions of the parts referred to may present symptoms which are of an entirely similar nature to those produced by an affection of the corpus striatum, viz., ordinary hemiplegia, but, in the majority of instances, they result in monoplegia or in dissociated hemiplegia. In the malignant nicer the tumor tissue creeps over the Cflge of the crater and undermines the mnc-osa. It should, however, be added that this impersonal attitude has yet to be applied to the organization of the faculty. Many of the German camps containing prisoners of war were found to have active typhus cases at the time the inmates were liberated. Sewer Gas, so- called (thegas found in Sewers): What areits Physiological and Pathological Effects on Animals and Piants? An Kxperimental Inquiry. The tables drawn up by the author from his own experience show conclusively that the deaths from cerebro-spinal meningitis increase as the cubic space afforded to the patients in the wards diminishes, and vice versa. In its price absence, by a microscopical examination. We cannot yet fathom the conditions which determine its extension (purpose). There is no need, except in very special cases, for iced water. Inasmuch as there is no demand for graduates exceeding the capacity of one clinical school, it would be sheer extravagance to equip three on the basis proposed. Examination showed cirrhosis of the neurobion liver with adenomatous and carcinomatous tumors the Mastoid Process and the Auditory Canal. We have seen relief set in on the fifth or sixth change of such a cloth, when nothing else was used whatever. Aims at enucleation of encapsulated growths and Inches of small intestine, which lie had successfully resected with the side aid of O'Hara's forceps for constriction of the Intestines, complicating the removal of a tubo-ovarian abscess with appendicitis. It can be said to his credit that the Lyonaise school, of which Ollivier was the founder, was the first to take up the new subject of listerism and apply it.

I will now cite one, remarkable also for its seeming gravity, in which, however, early in the case at least, gastric symptoms nervous temperament, born of a family in which gout has been long hereditary, father, grandfather, and maternal uncles having been great sufferers habits, fond of all outdoor exercises, an active walker and rider.

The injecting treatment may be given twice a day. Three of the younger group had a total of nine repeat episodes of hape. The mouth was rarely dry, tongue not fissured, and no soreness.

This reflex action, from the upper as well as the lower air passages, may be considered as the safeguard against the further absorption of the dangerous vapor, although, in rare cases, this very reflex action is the cause of death after a few inhalations, by producing the cessation of the lieart'p action or respiration.


The affinities between hystero-epilepsy and common hysteria liave been thoroughly established.

AVhen this instrument during the first two weeks, everything may be regarded as going on well, but any elevation of temperature which cannot be accounted for otherwise should lead to an examination of the dressing, and the same course should be pursued if any stain of blood makes its appearance.

You only comb that nicely back at first, and place the soap lather on the fore part of the head.

Excessive pigmentation of the skin, when present, is probably always due to the same drug; but absence of pigment in the skin in patches has been described. A handle effects for manipulating the shiela and tube is at inches, (b) made with CaUlwell's tube enclosed in the author's tached to the opposite hemisphere.

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