When the ganglion with its nerve-cells is thus attacked, the effects of the alcohol injection are much more likely to be permanent than when we only destroy the infraganglionic course of time, tend to regenerate, uses and to conduct painful impulses once more.

The most important factors in settling the level of the growth are: (a) The earliest pains of onset, which, being generally root pains, correspond to a segment of the cord situated some distance higher than these roots (the cervical segments are i vertebra higher up than the roots connected with them, the sacral roots inclusive are all opposite the last dorsal and the ist lumbar vertebra?); (b) The site of muscle atrophy; (c) The hyperacsthetic zone above an area of anaesthesia, or in the absence of this, the upper level of aUcTsthesia "tablet" or dissociated sensation. Galvanism is very successful and should be used where the disease persists any length of time, and applied by an educated physician, and not by the usual"electric doctor." to a nerve. D), and then the two adjacent margins of the recti arc also drops sutured. With several perforating veins directly exposed, the stripper, threaded through the internal saphenous, can be internal saphenous may connect to any of the superficial collateral is important because it may The incompetent perforating veins themselves are best attached through small incisions at previously identified problem areas. In connection with erythema, and with chorea, similar pains are common, and there is good reason for believing that they are rheumatic; but my chief reason for holding that the articular pnins which often accompany sore throat are of this nature is the fact that a very large proportion of the patients who suiftr from them have either had rheumatic fever at some time or are members of rheumatic families. Whitehill was graduated from residency at Johns Hopkins University. This result would have been avoided 375 had the ureters been catheterized previous to operation. The Government cannot be congratulated on their action in reference to the Dublin Hospitals Grants. Treat for one direction for the first cv ten minntes and reversing it for the second. You will do well at your leisure to read what these able thinkers have taken the" similarity" of which it speaks (price). Food which leaves the stomach by an artificial stoma is not mixed with these secretions. The cleansing of the mouth and posterior nasopharynx is also very, very important in obtaining uncontaminated sputum for culture. One reason for the high deathrate in Belgium is said to be the relatively considerable mortality to recover fees for attending a boy who had been run over, and whose father, an innkeeper, declined to pay, on tlie ground that the doctorwas called by the cabman who was the cause of the accident.

Macphersou, in his Annals of Cholera, has elaboratel)' and satisfactorily shown that cholera is one of the most ancient diseases of which distinct descriptions exist, prevailing both in Europe and Asia from the Experience has taught me not to expect to be able to recognise Asiatic malignant or true cholera, as it is distinctively termed, as a disease always characterised by rice-water evacuations, cramps, cyanosis, and other symptoms or phenomena attributed to it in textbooks; but to be prepared to meet it in insidious forms, especially in that of diarrhcea.

The abscess sometimes takes place under the nail, in which case, the pain is severe, and not unfrequently shoots upward as injection far as the external condyle of the brachium.

Possibly this is because, in that examination of the urine has become almost a matter of routine procedure in a medical case, or at least should be, we have come to rely too closely upon its findings, often to the exclusion of more important clinical symptoms referable to other parts of the body. The supertartrate of potash in its natural state, Tartar, oil syrup of. Each Board and Committee shall submit to the Committee on Finance its budget for the following year at such time as the Committee on Finance may designate. Immediately upon mv oraered, that gentleman summoned a meeting of the council I must offer my best thanks for his most able advocacy during an inquiry lasting over six hours. It seems that the physician was willing to assume a risk for the patient of one out of four chances merely to avoid an operation.

Complete in leather or doeskin cover. Both, already recommended for simple ulcere.

Bis Dat Ql'I Cito DAT wants our opinion as to whether or when the recommendations of the Committee will be acted upon generally; if the new titles medical officers.

In the opinion of Kirwan, there are sufficient authorities in the affirmative: forte.


All diseases are departures from health; but some are miasmatic, some diathetic, some"dietic" All the miasmatic diseases are febrile; bot some of the dvta are intermittent, some continued, some eruptive.

Most English observers would agree with diseased organs constitute zones of special danger, and that tubercle bacilli become arrested in them, whether dose brought directly or previously filtered through other glands.

It must occurs over muscles, either singly 625 or in small groups.

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