But many of these men have been doing their unrewarded jobs too long and should be relieved of some of these onerous tasks. This condition pf much of our professional literature is deeply regretted by all, plus and particularly by those whose taste and research lead them to refer to this class of works, when the fact is made apparent that whole editions of tracts and books have entirely perished through ne glect.


Composition - the prompt and efiecttve action of this combination, proven in many obstinate cases, induces us to urge Physicians to give This is the most effective and agreeable form of administering Gastric Juice as an aid to enfeebled digestion. The majority of the patients were studied both pre- and postoperatively at, the University of Minnesota. The invalidism, loss of time from it, and the dangers of a fulmination should be sufficient reasons to preclude the possibility of delaying surgical interference when once there is reasonable cause of suspecting appendicular trouble, whether acute or chronic. In consequence of these pleadings, the report was for a time withheld, and the number of deaths was not given in the weekly publication of the from all sections of the United States. She was obese and her liver was enlarged. It cannot be doubted that they consider the same subjects from different points of view, but that there is an actual conflict I doubt very much.

In nearly all cases signs of pleurisy may be noted, as is shown by pleural adhesions or by deposits of lymph on the pleura. In another instance, the only changes found were comparable to an extensive neuropathy of Retinal involvement. In the case to give careful and constant attention to these parts we may prevent much trouble and danger later on. It has no concern for the Negro or the poor. Address WANTED: Used hospital size Bovie Unit. ThisagfUt tab returned two aionths since, and the objects sooyht in sending him have been fally attained. This would not exclude payments for hospitalization in a federal or state institution where the insured received a charge. Stevenson recently stressed the importance of used fundal implant of the placenta as well as placenta previa as etiologic factors. Once established, her starting day same high degree of protection against pregnancy. The same macules, before mentioned, may be found at the meatus urethras and purulent discharges may be met in the ducts of Skene and in the urethra resulting in mucous strings or threads in the urine. For many years, during which I treated a considerable number of cases, I did not During the last twenty or twenty-five years I have seen in my own practice, and that of others, a great number of cases, and among them a considerable number of deaths, and I am well for assured that the mortality has been greater among those which were not bled, or not bled efficiently, than It is comparatively not a great many years, since the essential cause of puerperal convulsions has been known, and it must be admitted that the practice formerly was purely empirical, but unfortunately science has not indicated a practice that is more Science, however, does indicate a course of prophylaxis, and in those cases in which the albuminous condition of the urine and cerebral disturbance lead to the apprehension of convulsions, judicious treatment may prevent them, or very much lessen I recall several cases in which the prophylactic treatment was highly gratifying. When there is a pulmonary fistula present, he inserts a tube into the pleural sac. The husbands and wives of the Tenth District have supper together, after which our business meetings are held separately.

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