She was able to take considerable walks, and otherwise could enjoy life. The fracture was firmly united by bone throughout its whole extent. Measles showed the liighest proportional fatality in Lambeth, Plumstead, Strand, Bethnal Green, Xewington, Battersea, Camberwell, Westminster, St. The condition looked most like a tuberculous lesion. Also present in the cranberry, currant, strawberry, raspberry, tamarind, and is very abundant in the red elderberry. Bcrtillon throiigli the remainder of his examination of contemporary facts, or his remarks on tlie influence of race, in which he refers more particuhirly to the Negroes and Jews. Any great increase without obvious cause, is a positive sign of diseased The temperature of animals can be ascertained, to a slight extent, by the feel of the skin, the etus, and the lejrs.

In proper dilution, Listerine may be freely and continuously used without prejudicial effect, either by injection or spray, in all the natural cavities of the body.

But he thinks that generally, and with better results than before that year; and he hopes to be able to collect reliable statistics of the results during I should like to refer those specially interested in the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal tumours to one case of extirpation of a floating kidney, published by Dr. There ai'e only a few varieties which we shall notice, l)ut these constitute about all that are valuable of those fowls that"saved Ronie." large size, pure white feathers, and aptitude to fatten, are worthy a place on anv farm.


At least such is our experience. Diminution in the number of cases of zj'motic diseases, more especially of the more dangerous kind. Colon bacilli are likely to be found in the oyster liquor, tab for the drainage from roads and cultivated fields will enter the water; but colon bacilli of human origin can be excluded. It illuminates the fundus somewhat less brilliantly than Licbrcich's, but more uniformly; it is less interfered with by reflections of the mirror from the cornea, and by images of the flame upon the retina of the eye examined; it affords better definition, and permits the use of a higher magnifying power. Otol., Packing of tonsillar fossa and Ann: 750. PRECAUTIONS: As with other effective nitrites, some fall in blood pressure may occur Caution should be observed in administering the drug to patients with a history of recent cerebral hemorrhage, because of the 1000 vasodilation which occurs in the area. There was THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY shows thickening of the mucosal folds and dilatation 500 of the cachexia, extreme weakness, weight loss, edema, and skin data were consistent with a malabsorption syndrome. The nutritive energy of the brain is so great in in sleep so powerful, that its mental functions are not often upset at this pcri(jd. In most cases it was near to the truth, yet there was a proportion of errors and but some material and important point was added by the investigation, some of these additions being aflfections of the appendix, gall-stones, cancer of the sigmoid, gastric ulcer, and case was regarded as probable appendix or duodenum, or ulcer patients seeking relief after gastro-jejunostomy, for various diagnosis differed materially from the first. Reading, for example, commences and (doser to the eyes, then tlie (;onverg(!n('e inereases almost to its niaxiinnni; and if the objeet remain so, then the one eye turns off the maximum of convergence. But the disease does not always limit itself to the central ganglia, for atrophic changes are at times met with in the cerebral cortex, especially in the frontal area, and it is this lesion which doubtless explains the progressive dementia above referred to as being present in If, then, this account of the pathological anatomy of Huntington's chorea is correct, it shows that it is a disease of the same type as the juvenile form of paralysis agitans, the difference agitans it is the larger cells of the corpus striatum which have A fourth disease with its lesion in the corpus striatum is primary or idiopathic athetosis, sometimes called double athetosis (athetose double), which is apparently the same condition as that described by Madame Vogt and now sometimes spoken of as the Vogt syndrome. Cadwalader has recently had two cases of lethargic encephalitis witli bilateral sympathetic ophthalmoplegia, in one of which the clinical diagnosis was confirmed by postmortem examination. Upward, according to the heat of the water, and the space through which the vapor passes. An urticarial rash was uniformly distributed over the body. A good teacher would give him good guidance, but no teacher could teach the whole of his subject; one man would lay more stress upon one matter than another. One of these forms is tablet called facial palsy. When it had gone the boy put on weight rapidly and at four months of age weighed nine pounds.

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