Relation of the tonsils, adenoids and Rogers, O. Of course the absence of them would imply sanity, yet we know many insane have no delusions.

In serious injuries, on the other hand, where the nerves have been completely divided, and especially after excision of large portions, it is easy to conceive that the axis cylinder is completely destroyed in the later stages of the process of degeneration; even here, however, it still possesses a great power of resistence, may be demonstrated for a very long period, and is, according to Neumann, preserved in a modified form, which is a point of great importance in the regeneration Coincidently with these processes of degeneration in the nerve fibres, which spread with tolerable rapidity from the centre towards the periphery, considerable changes also occur in the neurilemma.


This girl had been at the sanatorium two different periods for a few months each, and left against advice each time. Dr Magovern was a Fellow of the American College of Radiology and a Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology. Massachusetts experience would seem to indicate that even in raw milk supplies, with widely varying conditions of supervision, diphtheria transmission thru milk is so rare an occurrence as to be negligible: capsules. Epilepsy began in infancy, it is doubtful whether it should be included in this study. The other treatment with the patient faithfully cooperating with me and with no apparent posterior involvement, still complained of a slight discharge. Erecta,) marsh rosemary, (statice limonium,) simarouba, as recommended by difierent physicians, may be in such debilitated state of the system had recourse to; but remember, when too early prescribed, you may expect every dangerous symptom that has been enumerated and these, again, will be soon succeeded by the death of your patient. Induced some physicians to recommend alkalis and magnesia, as a specific to counteract the uric acid; but they are neither to be depended upon, as those urates are deposited as the effects of fulness and excitement, by the removal of which alone, the cure of the disease is to be effected. For it is now ascertained, as you will see by consulting Thomp son, that there are certain plants which possess this excUisLve character, and are hence denominated pure bitters. From the standpoint of the fighter, the position of the wounded, the sick, and the psychically disabled is merely that they shall be removed as quickly as possible from the active forces, in order that their presence may not embarrass military movements or hamper the morals and discipline of the An injured soldier is forte no soldier. Factors such as a family history of breast cancer or a history of cystic breast disease. Use friction with the flesh-brush or the hand. Tumors so distorting the uterine cavity that the introduction of radium to the top of the NEiV YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. First, a little diabetic bread is allowed with the tea in the morning and afternoon and two of the other meals are omitted or diminished. Stanley and the Nervous System, and Organs of the Senses, the Generative Organs, Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Calculi and other Animal Concretions.

This is a broad definition, but is safer for the patient than the use of the term glycosuria, which begets indifference." There are a few patients Avho, because of advanced age or other special reasons, need little or no treatment for their diabetes, and the main object is to keep them comfortable.' My remarks tlinuighout tliis paper are meant to apply only to that great majority of diabetics who are It is impossible here to go into details of the theoretical and experimental side of diabetes, clearnes.s, one statement may be made concerning the doctrines of the Vienna school, which has upheld especially two interrelated theories. It produces a low rumbling sound nearly the same as price the sound when air is slowly blown in an empty bottle.

There is little to be said in regard to the rational treatment; but this is not to be wondered at, when our ignorance of the finer processes taking place in con vulsive diseases is considered.

The operation was dreadfully painful, as there was no cocaine at that time, and no anaesthetic was used.

Allow me here to repeat the observation already expressed in favour of the effects of opiates given to prevent the return of the exacerbations. The fever may be slight and the temperature irregular, the pulse rate slow and the condition mistaken for typhoid, diarrhea or the urinary symptoms may so mask the rectal signs that the patient is treated for cystitis or enlarged prostate. PUBLISHED BY THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK (From the Gynecological Clinic, University of Pennsylvania.) T cIROUGH my association with Dr. He presents a very long and elaborate bibliography. The effect of inflammation, when seated in those membranes, is an increased thickness of them; the villous surface becomes red and spongy, with great heat and soreness; it is attended with but little acute pain, except such as arises from the acrid fluids pouring over their inflamed surface. The great bone of contention between the physician I and the other groups is the medical fee.

No instance can be adduced in which the violence of the pain caused death, and this can only be conceived to happen from the impairment of digestion and nutrition consequent on the severity of the pain. Besides, gout at that day was a disease of rare occurrence, compared with its present prevalence, especially since the great discoveries and improvements which have been made in kitchen chemistry, or the science of gastronomy, as the savans of France denominate it.

Signed a copy of the Bye-Laws of the College, in testimony of having engaged himself to the observance thereof, and made and subscribed the following Declaration in" I, A.

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