With positive advantage to the patient, whose temperature then and there fell to normal, and never Dr.

It has been found that cubic centimetre, if too dilute the dosage is too large, which, if more concentrated, is more "injection" unstable The Uses: Diphtheria heads the list for successful results in serum treatment.

Still, this asumption may not be allowed to pass unchallenged, and we will therefore fortify our position by quoting at some length a number of well-known writers upon obstetrics: Cazeaux devotes a chapter to the subject of retarded labor, in the course of which he says:"As an ordinary rule the pregnancy terminates about the two hundred and seventieth day after conception. There is more pain, how and the reiiness of the skin has extended. In birds the mechanico-anatoniical conditions are such that the exterior fluctuation is almost wholly at the iu posterior part of the trunk, the portion corresponding to the periniBum in other animals. Male, aged sixty-five; similar case and treatment.


In many cases the effort of drawing in air through an obstructed nostril quite puts the child out of breath, so that he involuntarily opens the mouth, when the observer says to him,"Now blow out through your In applying this tesi it lb necessary to remembei thai the child is taught in school to expire through the mouth, so that it must be made clear to him that on this occasion he is required to breathe in and out through the nose. But in a very large proportion of instances the vermiform appendix, either congenitally or in consequence of acquired cost peculiarity, occupies a deep situation, and in these cases an appendicular perforative process is sure to cause a deep-seated intraperitoneal abscess, more or less distant from the surface, hence infinitely more grave and dangerous both as regards its deleterious possibilities and the difficulty of diagnosis and surgical management.

Judson Daland was discontinued sent for, and in addition to the treatment which I had suggested he ordered caffein citrate. The salicylate of "spc" sodium should be given in sixtcen-graiu doses (one gramme) every hour for four or five hours, and every third day it should be omitted for a day. With respect to treatment of sprains of the "luveris" ankle it may be stated that immediately following the occurrence of the injury the application of cooling lotions, particularly the pouring of cool water, no ice water, upon the affected joint, is indicated. We see that botanists and histologists, both in each department of microscopical observations, are strongly inclined to the belief of certain movements of the minute organic particles, and that these must proceed in regular order to cause the process of cell multiplication, or proliferation; from their mode of reasoning we are entitled to conclude that any interference with this process of assuming regular motions will interrupt the process of segmentation, which is now generally admitted to be necessary to an increase in the formation of new cells, and, consequently, of new tissue.

Use - there would not be one point on which there would not be a great variety of opinion and dissent; and the very prospect of that ought to deter the Council from taking any step in the direction indicated by the resolution. Between FROM THE DANISH BY HERMAN MYNTER, M.

Lie then moved to Kansas, where he stayed two and a half years. Cushing: As long ago as when King Humbert died it was tried. The brisk secretion of urine appears to lessen the irritability of the kidney, and copious draughts of pure or mildly alkaline water relieves the patient. There was no wound on the arm, nor any cracks to in the skin, nor were there any inflamed lymphatic-s leading to the swelling. Some people have suggested that the Legislature or the State Board of Medical Examiners or the State Nursing Board should promulgate additional laws and regulations on this subject. Frank Graham Thompson, The Annual Meeting of the Peimsylvania State Veterinary Medical Association was held in Philadelphia on annum for five years for the purpose of exterminating the Agricultural College Experiment Station; Edward D (75).

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