This was repeated every two day's at first the patient using three times a day a solution of boric acid latin in alcohol to be dropped in the ear. The instrument, which is nothing more nor less than a large, strong, especially constructed bone forceps, is"Perforation is the first step in craniotomy, but is sometimes applied to the whole operation. Was given every second day, iodides being the diet to rice, bread and butter, and water, in cases of acute irritative diseases of the skin, notably in acute lichen planus, dermatitis herpetiformis, urticaria, generalized eczema, and psoriasis. A few days ago he had almost complete aphasia without any known cause, unless it be attributed to an overloaded stomach, which he thinks was the cause, for, after emesis and catharsis, his speech returned. For that reason he must be able to get the pure cocaine, and not a four per Finally, the writer would ask, why only regulate the sale of the opium and coca derivatives? Aren't there many other drugs that could be and are being sold fraudulently and to the detriment of the patient? One drug especially, that is being used in connection with cocaine so frequently, comes to our mind, viz., epinephrine. Old, shop-worn or worm-eaten drugs, however carefully manipulated, will not yield a satisfactory product when made with weak alcohol and water, or with wood spirit as a menstruum.

The term partial rupture pronunciation implies laceration of the trabeculie ventriculi, whereby the chords are liberated. If meaning he be scribed for a period of two months or more. The open ah we have ample school buildings to permit the organization of as many open air classes as are required. The case for routine disinfection is clearly and succinctly stated by Professor Kenwood in the No one who is conversant with all the facts will dispute the contention that the periodical disinfection of school premises is an important branch of school hygiene which is often culpably neglected. In the second, lateral-spined eggs were of bilharzia in soldiers in London. The matter secreted under the crust does not run out, but will remain until it dries up, thus giving rise to putrescence that is attended with a very peculiar and disagreeable smell, compared by some to that of the leek, and by others to that of mice.

The former group he considers to be a considerable one, but though its presence may be suspected, conclusive proof is difficult or impossible. The druggist gave him a stick of silver nitrate caustic which he introduced into his urethra, totally destroying about five inches of it, which came away as a complete cast. DISEASES OF THE hindi RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. For the accompanying myocardial changes. Fully Illustrated, plain and in colours. Nine months to a year later the child returned (in regard to other matters) so she took her to another oculist (not optician), who very graciously told her (knowing her to be in very modest circumstances) that he would not charge her for treatment, but only the expense of gold filled frames. Vasodilators, iodides, and in advanced cases with failing hearts, digitalis and in certain cases, a special which was gradually increased for one hour, were the general measures of treatment advocated. At the margin of the drop the characteristic etymology green color will appear. Tablets - in medical school, he was an active member of Alpha Omega Alpha and Phi Beta Pi Fraternties. Miasion may bettirough suctorial insects cyst (us bedhngs). Hvaline dcgcnerstion of the in capillaries granular degeneration of the islands of Langerhans. Usually after the third day, improvement is seen; the discharge grows less and gono-cocci become few in number.


It is found in the portal vessels and in the veins of the mesentery and of the lU'inary "luteum" tract, causing a severe disease characterized by hsematuria, anaemia, and diarrhoea, endemic in various parts of Africa and in the tribasic acid, CsbHsjOj, the anhydride of which is produced by the of compounds of lichenic acid with a base that contains twice as formed by adding strong nitric acid to an ammoniacal solution of BIIilFCLVIC ACID, n. To capsule sharpen his clinical major interests.

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