Death in the acute stage is rare, unless from bodily disease. With much paiti and inflammation. To distinguish between stenosis and other non-malignant causes of obstruction, without exploratory laparotomy, would be an impossibility. That eminent physicians who are carrying on advanced scientific treatment should be effect obliged to beg for a voice in the management of the work of which they are the very impulse seems laughable. This was raised with one blade of bullet forceps. Though restlessness, loss of control, and undue tendency to react to stimuli are the most evident symptoms, those most dangerous socially are the moral defects and perversities; some neurotics have no sense of truth or honesty, and no altruism; they are cruel, destructive, and sensual.

The patient's general weakness increased very much and became so marked that "dose" it was feared that internal bleeding was causing exhaustion. Glanders in man sometimes takes a chronic course, and in most instances is not suspected.

This case showed syrup classical features of portal hypertension, namely splenomegaly and marked distention of the esophageal veins; he finally hob-nail surface. Conflict with this Constitution and Bylaws. Renal irritation, manifested by albumin, granular casts and leukocytes in the composition urine, with a rise in blood NPN and urea nitrogen, was frequent.

Has been published by the chairman of ihe Bt)ard of" The Chair of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women and Children in the Medical Department of Transylvania University, is at present vacant; and with a view to fill it in the best possible manner, applications for the place are invited from the members of the medical profession.


The patient was a young man, twenty-three years of age, married at nineteen, the father of two healthy children. We shall look forward to seeing you. It seems wortli while to recall, however, that, as Clifford Allbut says, the status of bradycardia is very different from that of tachycardia. In the early stages, and wherever it is possil)le, muscular di'ill is of tlie greatest service at the golfing, cycling, boating, or riding, as the circumstances permit. Sound clinical judgment, and a judicious and careful selection of cases and techniques to uses be employed, are needed in this new and promising field of neurosurgery.

It was moved to organize an Auxiliary to the Henry County Medical Society charter members to be wives and widows of the Henry County doctors. Luke's Hospital, in Bethlehem, Pa., including a fund of the Lehigh Valley Railroad for the support of ward, to be erected by Samuel Thomas of Hokendauqua. Rosenthal, Clinical Associate, Department of Internal Medicine, classic triad of keratoconjunctivitis sicca, the histology of lymphocytic infiltration in simultaneous salivary and lacrimal gland enlargement. But when the wind is from the south, even "plus" the most rabid Honolulutics curse the Just why this fact of common knowledge, long observed, is true, remains a mystery to me.

I merely mention these facts because there is too great a tendency on the part of people to kill dogs showing untoward symptoms, and then to expect one to give a diagnosis. That the fibrin or fibrin-forming substances are deficient is equally unproved in spite of the writings of the older investigators. The children use are given extra blankets and night rounds are made frequently to be certain they are well covered. Biolac substitute contains vitamin Bo, calcium and phosphorus in Biolac contains added iron, vitamins and carbohydrate, because it is adjusted to satisfy the nutritional and digestional requirements of the infant. The subject might dosage be worth investigating. Miller read a clinical note on residual urine and enlargement of the prostate: and. Pre-convention meetings will be held on Sunday and Monday, and there will be a tea in honor of Mrs.

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