The second examination covers Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology and Histology, Materia Medica and Elementary Therapeutics, Chemistry, Organic and Physiological, and the certificates required are: course of instruction during six months; Practicfil Pharmacy, instruction The results of the laboratory work in Physiology in the Second Year are taken into consideration in making up the standing of all students in that subject in the Class List. The welfare of the infant, the child, and the adult cries aloud for a victory over tuberculosis. He was markedly jaundiced, had suflfered from a marked collapse, with high pulse, cold extremities, etc., an hour or two before I saw him.

In short, we have investigated every possible source of error which suggested itself, but have been unable to explain the presence of albumin in the urine except by a toxic action of the serum on the Conclusions. In contact with the bones they undergo typical The first consist of very regular, continuous abrasions, which only occupy a very small portion of the diameter of the The second show the point turned hack, the bullet more or less flattened out, the flattening being sometimes regularly distributed from the centre, sometimes deviated to one side.

The urine during an attack is scant in quantity, has a dark-red color, and contains no albumin. If stones are found in the faeces, the diagnosis is certain. He spat blood for a day or two afterwards, but the wound progressed favourably, partial paralysis of the left deltoid muscle, for which daily massage and gaU-auisra were prescribed. Numerous elongated inter-muscular nuclei were seen. , Pancreas: Very pale; yellow in color.

From the second compartment, after a due time, the water is transferred tablets into a third, which is lined witli clay, well rammed and levelled. The drainage was very satisfactory and the patient's condition immediately improved.

It would be judicious, at tirst, to deal only with the worst cases. Circulus arteriosus nervi optici Skleral -streif en, m. The c wave is synchronous with contraction of the ventricle, though the cause of its formation is in auricle, and y the corresponding state of the ventricle. Simple dyspepsia presents two Each type is subdivided, with reference to fermentation, into two classes: Some interesting results have come to light in the course of his study of gastric fluids.

Joseph Chamberlain and the colonial party at the naval review at Spithead. When gaseous oxide of nitrogen is mingled with atmospheric air, and tlien received into the lungs, it generates highly pleasurable sensations; the effects it produces on the animal system are eminently distinguished from every other chemical agent. If the salts were combined with the proteins, the depression of the freezing point would be much less than this. In the ham it divides into two branches. Several sailors attended a dance at a bouse in which there happened to be a cose of smallpox.


The name of a genus syrup of plants in the Linnaan system. Opportunity for infection is afforded especially in the case of tuberculous individuals and the intercourse with them.

In one instance, insanity followed. Regnault, of Toulon, reported to the same academy that he was led, by observing the good effect- of magnesium salts on warts, to prescribe for papilloma and superficial epithelioma a powder consisting of a mixture of magnesium hydroxide and magnesium silicate, of each four graius. Lb is uot clear from the description of Mr. There is moderate thickening of the intima; this is never sufficient to cause marked narrowing of the lumina of the vessels, and does not seem to play any considerable role in the genesis of thrombotic The media and adventitia show cellular infiltration and vascularization wherever thrombosis has occurred. And here let me say that a sharp distinction must be made between these two constituents of the bile. This was all that was required in this case, but in many, cutting down and stitching the nerve into its groove were required before it could be made to stay there permanently, the tendency being for the dislocation to recur so soon as the dressings are removed.

This is why it Is used at the end of a heavy relief meal, and gives rise to this familiar quotation,"Cheese, thou mighty elf, digesting all things but thyself." It is said that"Americans taste cheese, Europeans eat is a step forward in the cause of right living; it is a stepping stone toward the elimination of one of the great social evils, drug addiction.

The task of the Treasurer and Fmaiice Committee grows no simpler with each new ye.ir of war, and tlie death of Mr. Any one who has seen a well-trained expert demonstrating snch an arm and hand as the Carnes must admit that a few persevering and gifted individuals can hope to produce Most of the mechanical arms and hands depend npon movements of the upper segment of the amputated limb or of the chest or the sound upper extremity. The diagnosis is ready-made to suit every need, and even otherwise sensible people are being educated into quackery and into the iDelief that every man can be his own doctor Century in Scranton," though not strictly medical, contains some quaint and interesting reminiscences of practice in the primitive settlements of the anthracite region.

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