Days, weeks, or months mark the period of disability in different cases, and in a few instances, as before mentioned, there may be almost continuous suffering for several years, while in others there is a lifelong tendency to this distressing complaint: lotion. The sound sometimes follows the voice; hence the "klosol" Cough. An important feature of the exhibition was the statistics and data collected by physicians in regard to the persons practicing these an elementary education. Obtainable in tablets, capsules or When wTiting Advertisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine No more positive proof of the value of this work could be afforded than its augmenting sales and the early demand for this new edition, which is more than an"edition," in the ordinary meaning of the term, as the entire text has been thoroughly revised and largely reset.

The greater stress here laid upon general cleanliness indicates its greater importance. It is not essential, for practical purposes, that we know just what that resistance is, but it is desirable and interesting to know, and the rheostat supplies this knowledge with absolute exactness. Australia is also the land where the giant emu (DronKTus novw-hollandiw) lives, a bird with only rudimentary wings and in size as large as the ostrich of Africa.


But after a time this compensatory hypertrophy ceases, the right auricle klosed becomes dilated and hypertrophied, the tricuspid valve becomes incompetent, and congestion of the systemic veins results. Disturbed blood coagulation is present as a rule but not always. The needles are long, spear-shaped, double-edged, and tolerably sharp, so that a slight cutting action may be combined with the purely electrolytic action. One drachm of the fluid extract has caused death in an adult (Haines), twelve minims proved fatal to a boy three years old; thirty-five drops of the tincture caused death in one and one-half hours, and fifteen grains of a resin oid extract proved fatal to a woman in one hour The treatment consists in removing all traces of the poison from the stomach, and employing artificial respiration. It is a serious question whether medical schools should not continue in session throughout the entire year without the usual interruptions of vacations. Among those who reacted insufficiently to active immunization with toxinantitoxin mixtures or vaccines made from the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, seventy-two developed clinical diphtheria. For, as said Lancisi, the pioneer in this field of work, in his book DC Motu an epoch in the history of medicine:" But the surgeon, being enlightened llc by anatomy, ought to be on the watch before the disease has openly and unequivocably shown itself; so that, if he were unable to prevent its occurrence, he might at least be enabled to guard against the very wall, which results, sooner or later, in complete interruption of the circulation. The same can just as truly be said of the high mortality in life's later decades, because equally preventable. He reproduced similar conditions in glass vessels and in rabbits' bladders, and found that an explosion followed the"Leidenfrosf phenomen..n (the dancing of the drops of moisture on the white-hot knife, in performing the Bottini operation, and thinks that the dan ger from it should turn the scale in favor of prostatectomy. In those usually used it is violet or purplish, which has led many to call the current so employed the"violet rays." If the electrode is held in close contact with the patient only a feeling of heat is experienced.

I cannot concede, I however, that the epidemic of scurvy described by Dechambre as occuri ring during the siege of Paris amongst the military garrison, and which: in a few cases exhibited beri-beri-like symptoms, was actually beri-beri.

If, however, there have been pericardial adhesions, as occur aq in chronic cardiac aneurysm, the hemorrhage may be into the pleura or even into the great vessels. The individual methods of life in which we are over-enveloped in clothes and live continually too much indoors cause in a large mea.sure our susceptibility as compared with primitive man. In addition to the so-called idiopathic purpura, cutaneous and mucous hemorrhages, apparently identical in character, may occur in any of the acute infectious diseases. No matter what may be the local manifestation of fecal autotoxemia, that causal element must be removed as a necessary step in the treatment. In the cases that run a rapidly fatal course, the odor of phosphorus can be detected in all the organs. The secondary results are caused by the action of the decomposed elements on the substance of the electrode, or on the substance itself that is undergoing decomposition. Ludwig found it in the tissues in cases of chronic syphilis, which had been treated by mercury, many years after the use of the drug had been discontinued.

Certain pathologic states render the nerves unusually impressible to electricity in degree, though in the same way as in health, and thus are of great value to the electro-physiologic experimenter. As, however, recently caseation has also been confirmed in leprous neoplasms (see above) it is doubtful if in these cases it was a question of mixed infection. Plehn), Togo (Doring), Niger (Castellote), Soudan (Suard), Cameroon (Zahl, F. Out of a total of seventy-seven cases of bronchopneumonia only five If we exclude the pneumonia cases, the mortality goes down at once. These effects were supposed to be produced by stimulation, but the appearance of sugar in the urine came not from stimulation, but from paralysis, of the sympathetic.

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