I now read on the further notes of liis In the evening he passed his urine and fa;ces involuntarily. Facts alone can guide us in a practical rational quarantine, and however much even medical men may differ as to the mode of its administration, all, I think, must agree upon the necessity of quarantine, both of sick and exposed.

Tlie boomerang and the screw propeller are used successfully now, but the explanations of their actions are still matters awaiting solution. Just previous to these symptoms the pains had abated, but the presenting part had not receded. Then slowly add six hundred milliliters of distilled water and dissolve one hundred and nineteen grammes of tartaric acid in the mixture. Hogs become affected through eating offal and rats about the slaughterhouses. Upon these two cases, he submitted that the statement could not be leceived. This fact makes the study of this case of peculiar interest, and especially as the clinical picture was identical with that of the chronic nephritis of adult life. See the funny gallery of portraits which success spreads before us! First, there is Dr.

I have a case recorded in my note-book, of cancrum oris, cured apparently by the use of the persulphate Glycerine is an excellent vehicle in which to suspend the remedy; and where there is much difficulty in applying the probang, a gargle made as follows answers every purpose: S. Y., and intended exclusively for the use of medical and surgical practitioners, has been commenced. They uniformly contain quantities of dark brown granules. The general manifestations of character in the insane necessarily vary, not only in different cojmtrics, but in different parts of the same country. Pain was of two days' duration and was accompanied by repeated vomiting. The views of Wlassau, of Michel, and of Schmaus have already been indicated when describing their and whilst considering a case of his own as a perithelioma, holds that many tumours, both carcinomatous and sarcomatous, may at times take on a syncytial form. To cool; separate and filter the aqueous liquid. Hough; Second The Seaboard Medical Society, at its meeting The New York State Society of Industrial elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, Dr. To prove effectual, however, the remedy should not be given at the very commencement of a paroxysm, but when it has acquii'ed great intensity.

What happened after, whether the malady ever recurred, I know not; but the Ixiy lived, and so did all other cases treated by Dr.


It docs not appear that the poison may be conveved through 50 the medium of drinking water, though lead water increases the fatality of the disease. Mackesy, President of the Irish MediiiU Association, was next read, and also a resolution adopted at a Medical meeting held at the Limerick 100 Junction, stating that in the opinion of the -Vssociation the Medical Council had not properly performed all its functions with reference to preliminary education.

When first he began to feel unwell, his trouble consisted in shortness of breath, with beating, so he says, in the region of the stomach. In Virchow's pathological laboratory in Berlin we were often instructed to make sections from phthisical larynges that we might appreciate the perfected tubercle. His collection comprises between fourteen and fifteen hundred specimens of skulls and skeletons, and is probably the largest in the world. CoRRiGAx, in reply, said that as the generic term" Surgeon" included all denominations, whether Fellows, Members, or Licentiates, so" Ph.," would include, as a generic term, all other qualifications. Longmore," No pen, no tongue, can describe what liquor it was. The veins distributed over the abdomen, together with the integuments, present a bluish tint. It was confined to man alone and not found in the lower animals. SOME REMARKS ON THE USES AND ABUSES So long as the general practitioner continues to accept the care and treatment of the parturient woman this branch of medicine will continue to remain a thorn in his otherwise not too roseate existence.

There has been less irritation and less suppuration, and the wounds arc healing more kindly than had ligatures been employed.

This condition may last from a few hours to a few days and then return to normal. He has held the office of President of the Pathological Society, was a fellow of the Academy of Medicine, a member of the Obstetrical Society, of the New York Medical Association, and of the New York County Medical Society, (of which he was a delegate to the New York State Medical Society,) and at its late Anniversary meeting in October, was elected Vice-President, while stricken dark mysterious river he was destined soon to pass, when the honors of this world are held light and shadowy, and of little value. The nurse reported that the last poultice had been a little tinged with blood. In two cases the auricles ceased before there was any evidence of impaired conduction. It is prepared by boiling one part of quick-lime with two parts of sublimed sulphur in ten parts of water, until the two former are perfectly united. Barlow then proceeded to explain why the urine is suppressed or greatly diminished in obstruction of the upper portion of the small intestine, and said:" Without entering into the physiology of the secretion of the urine, I would remark, in order "tablet" that there may be a proper quantity of urine secreted, it is essential that a sufficient quantity of water be taken into the alimentary canal, and thence find its way through the vena porta, right side of the heart and the lungs, into arterial and systemic circulation, to hold in solution urea and other urinarj- constituents.

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