He is the medical editor experiments in microscopic pliilography, by which the profession has been placed in possession of records of the highest value and usefulness.


He must still doubt, however, if we ought to interfere with eaucer of the stomach. Delasiauve, writing early in the last century, advises as indispensable the establishment of institutions for the reception of epileptic patients, in order that a hygienic as well as medical plan of treatment may be carried out. The local and general symptoms, however, are often not prominent, and, as far as these are concerned, the disease is not infrequently latent. With Galvani, electrical excitability of nerve and muscle, we "injection" emerge from the realms of pure speculation and reach the solid substratum electricity was investigated by Matteucei and Du BoisReymond, followed later by Arsonval who perfected their methods.

Occasionally it is a good plan to use digitalis or strophanthus. Morris Stark cooperated in furthering the experiments, but could not assist in their completion. Of the pancreatic juice from the uses lumen of the intestine.

The docti'ine that certain forms of micrococci play an important part in the causation of pyaemia, possesses much probability, although it is not proven. Every clinician is able to recall more than one of those discouraging instances in which the onset of diarrhea, gastric distress, and edema compelled the discontinuance of the Fowler's, perhaps just at the very time the leukocyte count was falling normalward and the subject's splenomegaly becoming less of a burden. These men will testify on any subject, be it pathology, surgery, insanity, or microscopy. Various cities in this country, in the past ten years, have had prominent psychologists study the subject. Frank Hamilton, AVillard Parker, and John Messenger. In all cases the bowels should be kept freely moved if the patient's Stages are, however, reached when nothing seems to help, so that special efforts to give relief have to be resorted to. Pain is often the first, or indeed the only symptom complained of use by women, and we cannot enquire too fully into every detail Before discussing pain from a purely clinical point of view, perhaps you will pardon my taking you back to what we learnt about it in our physiological text-books. Thus, in recent tongue and partial larynx excisions, and in cancers of the mouth, iodoform has been used as a dressing, a piece of gauze plentifully sprinkled with the powder being packed against the wound. The forte mucous membrane is pale in colour, and is ramified by a few small sized arterioles.

We have suitable and reliable materials in kangaroo tendon and properly prepared catgut. Usually when this complication is determined, little can be expected from treatment by laparotomy. He believed that some cases of asphyxia of the newlv born infant were due primarily to a partial detachment of the placenta in the second stage of labor. Passive hyperemia or congestion is of more frequent occurrence, but is obstruction or regurgitation, or both combined. Smoking in moderation cannot, in my opinion, have an injurious effect on the average adult male epileptic, especially when he has been accustomed to it for many years. In the Guildhall itself, the Coldstream Guards band played the music of nearly as many countries as were represented in the crowd of visitors.

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