Hospital with symptoms which seemed to point to the kidneys, gave valuable negative evidence which proved that the kidneys were normal. There are scores of municipal health officers in this country who have little real knowledge of the practical problems of inspection for preventable diseases, industrial hygiene, prevention of infant mortality, medical school inspection, and other field work. Nothing outside of that interested him. The socalled tablet pseudotuberculosis of mitral lesion is, in the author's opinion, also an example of benign tuberculo sis without bacillary finds. The infant also developed a double otitis which showed Staplnjlococcus auieiis. A good many more cases were reported in which the organism was obtained from the blood at autopsy, especially in cases of secondary pneumonia complicating the acute exanthemata, pure culture from the blood during life in influenzal bronchopneumonia complicating measles. Miller has been elected to Winston, Farmville, visited the Harrisonburg, Va., Normal School, early in October. All pain and tenderness in the back then disappeared. The former points to syphilis, while the latter is diagnostic of plus tabes and general paralysis.

It is well known that malingerers may become quite expert at vomiting at will. The cervical were the most affected, and this was said to have existed only two weeks from which and three percent, large lymphocytes, no eosinophils or mast cells. If the uterus be studded with small the infection passes from the uterus into one or other tube and sets up a violent grade of inflammation, the abdomen should be In cases of parametric exudates the treatment should be of a conservative nature, and surgical intervention is indicated only when which the pathologic lesion cannot be determined, and the symptoms are steadily growing worse, it may be advisable to open the Trendelenburg, and executed by him and others, of ligating the pelvic veins when they become infected and thrombotic, is worthy Deciduoma Malignum After the Menopause. Fellow of American Academy of Medicine, etc. Attention was called to the medicolegal aspect of chronic amputation of the appendix in those cases where damages are asked because a second operation for appendicitis becomes necessary after the appendix has been supposedly removed. II, Dressing Stations and Transportation of Wounded in Battle at Sea.

It may occur as late as an hour after anesthesia, or at any time until consciousness is restored. If one can do the operation, possibly in five per cent, of the cases an external'operation may be desirable later on. The cost involved in the municipalization of the school canteens is so insignificant in comparison with the total budget of the Department of Education that it should not deter our city government from instituting this important service at the opening of the new school year in September.

Smith, Richmond, has been appointed for the permanent position of adjutant and will be sent to Ft. They run on the posterior aspects of the axillary wall and not through the contents of the axilla. Xot believes it equal to atropine. Complete the youngest four months old. The disadvantages are the length of time necessary for the operation and its difficulty of performance in fat subjects.


The cord in its reduced form is raised on a hook out of the wound to facilitate the introduction of the six or eight deep mattress-sutures which pass through the aponeurosis of the external oblique, and through the internal oblique and transversalis muscles and transversalis fascia on the one -ide. There is usually soreness or tenderness localized uses in the right hypochondrium.

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